Campus reopening on Monday

Sent on behalf of Annalise Van Ham, Vice-President Finance and Administration

Friday, September 17 at 4:45 p.m.

With the return to campus on Monday, Sept. 20, the province has confirmed that Mount Royal’s current vaccine declaration and rapid testing program meets the requirements of the Restrictions Exemption Program until Oct. 4, by which time proof of vaccination will be required from all students and employees.

Employees and students who are in the rapid testing program, whose status is undeclared or unvaccinated, have received a separate email with instructions. Anyone who does not meet the requirements outlined in that email is not permitted on campus.

Proof of vaccination

Details on how to submit vaccination evidence will be provided next week. Auditing of the vaccination declaration will continue in the interim and individuals selected will receive an email with instructions. If you receive an email that you are being audited, please be ready to provide proof of vaccination. This can include a personalized document (or a photo of it) that you received from AHS or the pharmacy or doctor’s office where you were vaccinated.

Visitors to campus

Visitors to campus are required to meet the requirements of the Restrictions Exemption Program, as outlined by the Province. Business units that have visitors to campus will be required to request proof of vaccination or a negative test result for their guests, clients and members.

Campus is open

Campus will be open on Monday and operations will resume.

Thank you to everyone for your attention to the changing details as we respond to Alberta’s state of public health emergency. I hope you all enjoy a restful weekend.

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