Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to wear a mask indoors on campus?

Mount Royal strongly recommends that you continue to wear a mask as an additional layer of protection. Wearing a triple-layer mask, a three-layered surgical mask or an N95 mask is an important contribution to the collective safety of the campus community.

Please note, masks will still be required for the following:

  • Wellness Services on campus, as their operations follow directives from Alberta Health Services (AHS).
  • In specific clinics, labs and classrooms where masks are standard personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Students completing practicums, work terms, etc. may be subject to additional requirements by their employer (e.g. AHS).


What kind of mask should I wear?

You are encouraged to use, at minimum, a triple-layer mask — two layers of a tightly woven fabric and a middle layer of a filter-type fabric — a three-layered surgical mask or an N95 mask to help prevent COVID-19 transmission.


What if I feel sick while I am on campus?

If you develop COVID-19 signs and symptoms while on campus, notify your instructor/manager and go home immediately. Ensure you have arrangements to get home safely; do not use public transportation, ride-sharing services or taxis. Isolation spaces on campus are available if you cannot drive yourself home and must wait to be picked up.


What if I have symptoms/have tested positive for COVID-19?

Please stay home if you are ill. Mount Royal strongly recommends that University students, staff and visitors do not come to campus if they are symptomatic or ill with COVID-19 or any other communicable illness. Staying home contributes to creating the safest environment possible for colleagues, students and members of the Mount Royal community.

Students are encouraged to submit an Early Support Covid report if they are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19. The Early Support team will work with students to make sure they are supported in their academics and connected with the appropriate resources. Students should notify their instructor or relevant contact who will let them know of the academic implications.

Employees who are experiencing symptoms/have tested postive should complete the self-isolation/case report form and inform their manager. 


If I have COVID, when can I come back to campus?

The province is in Step 3 of its response to COVID-19 and has removed remaining health measures. While the requirement to isolate when symptomatic or ill with COVID-19 is lifted, the province recommends that the practice continue.

Mount Royal strongly recommends that University students, staff and visitors do not come to campus if they are symptomatic or ill with COVID-19 or any other communicable illness. The recommendation for voluntary isolation is at least at least five days (fully vaccinated) or 10 days (not fully vaccinated) from when your symptoms started or until they resolve (whichever is longer).

For fully vaccinated people who have just completed the five-day voluntary isolation period and no longer have symptoms, masks should be worn at all times outside of home for an additional five days.


Who should I tell if I know someone on campus has COVID-19?

This is private and confidential medical information and it should only be shared between the person and the instructor/manager at Mount Royal.


Will professors be flexible with attendance and assignments if students feel unwell?

Faculty have the authority to determine the methodology by which they arrive at the final course grade and are encouraged to ensure students are not disadvantaged for circumstances beyond their control.


I'm an employee and not feeling well. What should I do?

If you are an employee and you are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive, complete the self-isolation/case report form. Work with your supervisor/manager to determine if you are able to work from home or to discuss the appropriate leave as per the Collective Agreement or Terms and Conditions of your employment.  


What happens if there is an outbreak in a class/work area?

MRU will closely monitor the health and safety of the campus community and follow the guidance and direction of Alberta Public Health when it comes to any possible outbreaks.


What is expected of a faculty member when a student declares illness (symptoms or a positive COVID-19 result)?

Students should not come to campus if ill or symptomatic. Students are encouraged to submit an Early Support COVID report if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. The Early Support team will work with students to support them.


Why did Mount Royal remove its vaccination requirement to be on campus?

Given the high rate of vaccination within the University community, MRU suspended its Directive on March 1. Vaccination verification will not be required to enroll in courses for future semesters or visit campus. 


How is air quality managed on campus?

The University follows best practices around the management of indoor air quality in line with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and follows all of its specific recommendations. Most importantly, indoor air is filtered at the maximum highest commercial level and MERV-13 (the level recommended by health authorities). Watch this short video with Grant Sommerfeld, associate vice-president of facilities management, explaining how the HVAC system works to keep the indoor air as clean as possible.


Are you able to offer accommodations or alternative methods of learning such as online learning to those with compromised immunity caused by a chronic condition?

Anyone seeking accommodation can contact Access and Inclusion Services who will review the necessary documentation and information.