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    COVID-19 updates and resources | Managers and chairs

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All members of the Mount Royal community contribute to the on-campus experience. It is the shared responsibility of the employer and employee to mitigate workplace hazards, which includes respiratory illnesses.

Important information: Employees with COVID-19 symptoms and those who have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to complete the Employee COVID Self-Isolation Report Form. Please remind employees of this requirement, which they should complete even if they are continuing to work remotely. Wellness at Work in Human Resources will contact employees to discuss sick leave benefits and return to work parameters. In the meantime, they should follow the Government of Alberta Isolation Requirements.

Visit Mount Royal’s HR COVID-19 FAQ and Resources page for information on what to do if you or an employee are symptomatic or COVID-positive, as well as updates to sick leave provisions for COVID-related absences.

Please note that MRU may choose to put in place measures that are not required by the government.

Masks: Mount Royal strongly recommends that everyone wear a mask consistent with AHS guidelines while indoors on campus. With more transmissible variants circulating, wearing a triple-layer mask, a three-layered surgical mask or an N95 mask is an important contribution to the collective safety of the campus community. Some areas on campus require mask wearing.

Employees can pick up a box of rated-surgical masks at the rapid testing area in G100 (the old library on Main Street). Show your OneCard to receive a box, which should last approximately 45 working days. If supplies last, you can then pick up a new box.

Meetings: Everyone has different comfort levels. Please be respectful of others and book a meeting space larger than what is minimally required. Although wearing a mask in indoor spaces is not required, it is strongly recommended.

Rapid response: If an area of campus experiences an outbreak, the University will implement a rapid response for that area.


Manager or chair checklist

Ensure the following:

Associate deans, chairs and all faculty should also:


Office cleaning checklist

Environmental Services (custodial) cleans public areas, including high-touchpoint surfaces and the front reception areas of a front-facing office.

The manager or chair


Enforcing protocols and supports

Protecting the health and well-being of people on campus is a shared responsibility, but as a leader you are expected to enforce protocols. There are people to support you including your dean, director or associate vice-president, and those listed below.


Other information and resources


If you have a question that is not answered above, email returntoworkquestions@mtroyal.ca.