Evergreen Refresh

Administrative Computer "Evergreen" Refresh

As part of Mount Royal’s mandate to provide faculty and staff with the most current computing technologies, the Evergreen refresh program allows primary assigned computers to be refreshed every four years. Primary assigned computers (desktop or laptop) are provided by the department for faculty or staff members. A Primary assigned computer has the specific purpose of assisting in the completion of Mount Royal administrative work related duties.

As custodian to this inventory of computers, IT Services maintains the lifecycle management (acquisition, deployment, movement, and retirement) of these assets. Faculty and administrative departments will work with Office Computing Services (OCS) on the acquisition of these computers for their faculty and staff.  Only primary computers are eligible for the Refresh Program and are provided and replaced according to university computing standards.

In the following cases computers are not considered primary and do not qualify for refresh by IT Services:

  • Computers obtained for specific research and other specified/unspecified department uses.
  • Computers provided to faculty/staff that are in addition to a primary assigned computers. These computers are considered department or project computers. 
  • PD Fund acquired computers are provided to faculty through special funding and are intended for faculty individual professional development.  Such computers are not intended for on-campus use as a primary administrative work computer.
  • Donations to MRU via special grants, projects, or other types of gifts to the institution.

In these cases, it is the department’s responsibility to budget for replacement. Replacement is recommended based on a four year cycle, as advised by IT Services. The need for a replacement can be reviewed and coordinated with either the supervisor of Office Computing Services or Student Computing Services.