Software/ Hardware

Software and hardware

Computer features and classifications
IT Services supports a business class specification for desktops and laptops deployed to all faculty, staff, and academic labs. To maximize operating and support efficiency, only select models from our partner vendors that are offered and are considered the university standard.  Mount Royal computers are supplied by vendor approved suppliers as awarded by contract. 

Features of faculty and staff primary assigned computers include the following:

  • Current Microsoft Windows or Apple operating system certified for Mount Royal use.
  • Current operating system patches.
  • Current version of Microsoft Office, licensed by Mount Royal.
  • Antivirus software licensed by Mount Royal.
  • IT Services and vendor supported hardware warranty (Laptop/Desktop: 4 Year).
  • Software image and technical support through IT Services.

All administrative computer desktop and laptop equipment utilized within the Mount Royal campus, (Lincoln Park and satellite campuses) must adhere to the IT standards contained in the current university computing standards document

Computers on campus are categorized in the following classes of operation:

  • Administrative: Faculty and staff are assigned one primary computer for the performance of their duties.
  • Academic: Utilized in a multi-computer lab environment or student centered operation. 
  • Department/Project: General purpose sign out computer not assigned to a particular faculty or staff member or project specific use computer with a fixed term.
  • Research: Specialized computing resource use by faculty research projects. 

In support of academic and administrative computing on campus, IT Services provides an annual refresh of primary assigned faculty, staff, and lab computers.  This "Evergreen" Refresh initiative allows eligible computers to be replaced every four years under a lease arrangement with our vendor partners. See: Evergreen Refresh for more information on this program.