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Frequently asked questions

In order to be granted access to Banner, you must complete the Banner systems access authorization form.

Example: if you are an administration assistant you may require access to the contract and finance systems. For finance check off Web Access and check salary drill yes or no and provide the FOP restriction if any (minimum Org) and check off the appropriate area in the Contracts section. A note for Access to this form will be forwarded to the Client Support Accountant for finance and the Human Resources Analyst for contracts so they can sign off as Coordinators. If further clarification is required, contact your Client Support Accountant for finance or Human Resources Analyst for contracts.

Contact Application System Support at 403.440.5500 or via email at
  • Student Module (Credit) - Contact Coordinator of Banner Training at 403.440.7067.
  • Student Module (Continuing Education, Languages Institute, The Conservatory) - Contact Extension Systems Analyst at 403.440.5931.
  • Part-time Credit Contracts - Contact Human Resources Analyst 403.440.6693.
  • Continuing Education, Languages Institute, and Conservatory Contracts - Contact Extension Systems Analyst at 403.440.5931.
  • Finance - For Finance training questions that cannot be answered by an employee's immediate supervisor, employees should contact their Client Support Accountant. (The departments that the Accountants support can be taken from the table on Page 4 of the Finance Handbook).
Ask your supervisor for a copy of the Naming Conventions document.
In 1996 Mount Royal purchased the Banner Administrative Systems from SCT (now called SunGard SCT) to replace existing legacy finance, human resources and student systems. Banner is an integrated suite of software products that use client/service architecture.
FOAPAL is the acronym representing each element of Mount Royal's chart of accounts: Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location. Each of these are independent and must be assigned to every financial transaction. Combined they provide a very powerful reporting tool.