Information Technology

Frequently asked questions


    - Click Start.
    - Click Settings (the cog).
    - Click Devices.
    - Click Printers & scanners.
    - Find the printer in the list called Print-Release-PCLv2 on V1-LexDB-P1 or Print-Release-PSv2 on V1-LexDB-P1 .
    - Click on it.
    - Click Manage.
    - Click Set as default.
    - Uncheck the Let Windows manage my default printer checkbox.

    - Open and print the document.
    - At the printer, on the main screen choose Print Release.
    - You will now be prompted to swipe your Campus Card.

     IF this is your first time printing the printer will display:
       "This card is not registered, please press NEXT to complete the registration

     - Click Next.
     - You will then we asked to enter your Network Login Identification, this is the username you use to log on to your computer.
     - Click Next.
     - You will now be asked to enter your Network Password, this is the password you use to
        log on to your computer (if you change your network password if will automatically be
        updated for login on the printer).
     - Click Enter.

     Now you will see the list of jobs you have sent to the printer.
     - Select the job(s) you wish to print then press the green button on the lower side of
       the screen.
     - One page or unstapled documents print out underneath the scanner.
     - Documents that are stapled or hole punched will print on the right hand side of the printer.

- Swipe your card.
- Place the document you would like to photocopy in the feeder tray or on the glass.
- Select other options (paper size, darkness, etc).
- When you are ready to photocopy press the Copy It button in the lower left side
  of the screen.
- If the printer needs servicing or it is not functioning please call 5522 for Lexmark