Reporting an Incident

Reporting an Incident

Any Mount Royal faculty, staff or student can report an academic incident. Contact SCS if this is your first time reporting and staff will walk you through the process.

Meeting with students about academic misconduct

Before meeting with the student
Arrange to meet at an agreed-upon time, advising the student of the reason for the meeting, so they have time to prepare. Be as flexible and accommodating as your schedule permits. Inform the student that they are welcome to bring a support person or an attendant from the Student Association, and if applicable, your intent to have a colleague present - i.e. your chairperson or Security Services (if needed). Encourage the student to access and review this site or contact the Student Association or SCS before the meeting. If you would like advice regarding what might be an appropriate consequence/sanction, please consult SCS or speak to your chair.

At the confidential meeting

Provide a brief description and any other additional evidence that will be useful for the student.

  1. Give the student an opportunity to respond; they may present a reasonable explanation or, alternatively, they may take responsibility.
  2. If you determine that a violation has occurred, inform the student that you are obligated to report the infraction to SCS and tell the student what you intend to recommend as a consequence/sanction.

After the meeting

  1. Submit the electronic misconduct report form, any source documents, assignment instructions and your course outline to SCS.
  2. SCS will review the incident and may contact you if further information is needed.