Lockdown of a building (or group of buildings) is used when it may be too dangerous to evacuate a building. Lockdown controls who is able to enter, exit and move through a building. It enables emergency personnel to better manage a threat. You may be notified of a lockdown through channels including (but not limited to) email, Security Services and the Mass Communication System (PA system).

What to do during a lockdown

  1. Remain in (or locate) the closest unlocked room that is not a washroom.
  2. Once in a room:
    • Lock the door(s) unless you feel the threat could come from a window.
    • Barricade the door(s) with any heavy furniture or nearby objects if possible.
    • Lock the window(s) and close the blinds, curtains or shades.
    • Turn off lights and any equipment so the room will appear empty.
    • Stay out of sigh and away from windows and doors.
  3. Put your cell phone on quiet mode but do not turn it off. Do not make non-essential calls or send texts.
    • Use a smart phone to monitor Mount Royal's website or official social media channels for updates. Remember that media reports my be unreliable in times of confusion.
  4. If you hear the fire alarm, do not leave the room unless:
    • You have been told by police, Security Services or Emergency Wardens to evacuate the building.
    • You can actually see and are impacted by a fire.
    • There is imminent danger to you.

What to avoid during a lockdown

  • Do not use or hide in washrooms. If you are in a washroom when notified of a lockdown, stand on the toilet seat and crouch to avoid being seen.
  • Do not travel along long corridors unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Choose a direction that gives you quick access to a room or hiding place.
  • Do not assemble in large, open areas (such as hallways or the Library).
  • Do not call 911unless you have immediate concern for you safety, the safety of others or you feel you have critical information that will assist emergency personnel in the response. If you are in a group, make sure only one person calls 911.

What to do after a lockdown

  • Cooperate with emergency personnel - do not walk toward the police. Wait for police instructions and follow their commands.
  • Keep your hands above your head and don't carry anything that may be confused for a weapon.
  • Do not make sudden moves that might be seen as threatening or hostile.
  • Do not resist if you are handcuffed or segregated by police. They will be trying to rule our suspects. Wait for the confusion to clear.
  • Police may require you to remain available for questioning following a lockdown. Emergency Wardens and/or Mount Royal staff may be present to provide additional information as you exit the building.