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ResNET is both the wireless and wired networks provided by Residence Services. Shaw Communications is ResNET's Internet Service Provider.

To connect to ResNET, first select the ResNET wireless network. You will be prompted to enter a username and password. Use your MyMRU username and password.

Important note: If you are a new Mount Royal student and have never changed your MyMRU password, you may have to change your password through MyMRU. Changing your password synchronizes your account with ResNET.

If you are a new MRU student, please change your MyMRU password. Changing your password will synchronize it with ResNET.

Windows Computers
If you are running Windows and are still unable to connect after changing your password, try one of our wireless configuration guides. Hard copies are also available outside the ResNET Support office, Room RB1011 in West Residence Building B.

If there is still no connection after attempting the configuration guide, you may need to install our server certificates in order to access ResNET. Click to download and install our certificates (Internet Explorer or Edge is recommended).

Note: You will need to use your MyMRU credentials to access the file. If you do not have MyMRU credentials please contact ResNET Support at 403.440.8888 or resnet@mtroyal.ca

If you are still having problems, contact ResNET Support at 403.440.8888 or resnet@mtroyal.ca.

To connect a game console to ResNET you will need a wired connection to the Ethernet port in your wall.

Unfortunately, game consoles cannot connect to the wireless ResNET network due to the security settings – game consoles are not capable of the required username and password authentication.

Note about Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii (and Wii U) console does not have a network port. A LAN adapter must be purchased in order to connect it to a wired Ethernet port.

To connect an Apple TV to ResNET, you will need to fill out an Apple TV connection form at Residence Services Front Desk.

To connect any other media streaming device (Chromecast, Roku, Nexus Player, etc.) or a smart TV, you will need a wired connection to the Ethernet port in your wall.

Due to our security settings, wireless printers are not able to connect to ResNET.

Use a printer cable to connect instead  – free USB printer cables can be picked up at the Residence Services Front Desk.

If you do have a wireless printer, please ensure that the wireless antenna is turned off as printers cause interference to our network.

As per the ResNET Accessible Use Policy, the creation of wireless networks (WLANs) is strictly prohibited. Setting up your own network would cause interference to ResNET's wireless network and a slower connection for everyone.

However, wireless routers may be used with the wireless antenna disabled.

Yes, ResNET has capped the speed per device to 15 Mbps (upload and download). This applies to both the wired and wireless network.