Quarantine Plan for International Students Staying in Residence


We are currently holding sixteen units for self-isolation purposes. The following plan is for incoming international students who are are required to self-isolate.


  1. If the international student has already been assigned to a single occupancy/self-contained unit for their fall housing, they will be able to self-isolate in their assigned unit.
  2. If the international student has been assgned to a multiple occupancy unit, they will be assigned to a designated self-isolation unit for the 14 day period and then required to move to their assigned unit.
  3. Cost: $26.47 per night ($370.58 for 14 days)
  4. If you are planning to stay longer than your quarantine period, please ensure you have informed Residence Services. You will continue to be charged at a nightly rate ($26.47) for each day you are staying in Residence.
  5. If you signed a housing agreement with Residence for a term or more, we will start your agreement on the day you move in to Residence. Your housing agreement will continue on until its end date unless you re-apply for a future term.


All units contain full kitchens, so groceries will be provided for the 14 day period. Some items will be placed in the unit before arrival. Students will then be asked to provide a list of required items. These items will be left outside the unit and the student will be notified. Costs will be determined and posted to the student's account.


  1. No housekeeping will be provided during their self-isolation. 
  2. All self-isolation units will be prepared with basic bedding, linen, bathroom essentials, cleaning supplies, kitchen kit and self-care kit.


  1. Students are not allowed to use common laundry rooms while they are in self isolation.
  2. If students would like to do laundry, they can leave their laundry in a garbage bag outside of their unit. Our housekeeping team will do their laundry and return it outside of their unit. Charges may be applied for this service.

Residence Information

  1. Students will be provided with a welcome letter outlining the services provided in Residence, as well as contact information for questions and concerns.
  2. Students will be contacted by the Residence Life team on a regular basis.


If You're Feeling Sick

If you're feeling COVID-19 symptoms (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat) or believe to have been in contact with someone with symptoms (after quarantine period), please contact the Residence Services front desk, the RA on call number or Security Services. These contacts will be given when you arrive.

In the event of an emergency, you can call 911. Please don't go to any health care facility, including campus Wellness Services, without calling Residence or Security first.


Getting Tested 

International students do not need an Alberta Health Care card in order to get tested. The AHS online booking site outlines all of the information needed but we also suggest calling 811 for other questions/concerns. Please make sure you have an ID ready when you get tested.

All international students are required to have health insurance while they're in Alberta. Please refer to the following links to learn more about health care coverage for international students:

Transportation from YYC Airport to MRU Residence

Calgary United Cabs (Calgary Cabs) (403-777-1111)

  • Will transport international arrivals if passengers wear a mask
  • Will take people to testing locations if they wear a mask and gloves

Associated Cabs (403-299-1111)

  • No special rules in place for international arrivals
  • Will take people to testing locations if they wear a mask and gloves

Checker Cabs (403-299-9999)

  • Will pick up international arrivals if there are a maximum of 2 passengers and both sit in the back of the car
  • Will not drive to testing locations


  • It is suggested that passengers always ride in the back and that they cover their face if they cough or sneeze

Transportation to Testing Sites

Please note the above transportation availability to testing sites (Calgary United Cabs, Associated Cabs, UBER)