What Parents Need to Know

What parents need to know

Thank you for visiting the Residence Services website. We hope it provides useful information for supporting your resident student at Mount Royal.

The Residence Services team at Mount Royal is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe environment that will help your student develop personally, socially and academically.

Our goal is to foster a supportive living and learning community so students enjoy a successful transition to post-secondary studies as well as a great resident experience. As a member of the residence community, your child will make life-long friendships and will have the opportunity to become part of a vibrant campus community. They will also see firsthand that living in residence has a positive impact on studies and grades.

We hope you'll have the opportunity to visit your child in residence so you can also see what makes living in residence a truly memorable and rewarding experience.

Living in Residence has a positive impact

A recent pilot project by five Canadian universities shows that first year students who live in Residence have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate than students who live off campus. Read the full study here.

Confidentiality of student information

The Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FOIP) legally prohibits us from discussing any student’s file with anyone other than the student unless we have written authorization to do so. If you require any information (such as billing details) from the Residence Services office, please have your child speak with Residence Services staff to provide them with the proper authorization.

We’re here if a problem arises

Should your child have a problem with a roommate, if they need to talk to someone or if they just feel a little homesick, please encourage them to talk to a Resident Advisor or Residence Services staff member. We’re all here to provide information and to lend a helpful hand or ear.

We invite you to learn more about living in residence

We are here to provide a positive experience for our students and for you. Please explore this website, check out the frequently asked questions and learn more about all we have to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.