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Top 10 Reason to Live in Residence


Living in Residence is more than simply "living on campus." It's a fabulous way to take your learning and academic success to a higher level.

  1. Live close. Just a five minute walk instead of an hour (or more) commute – you’re still sleeping while everyone else is stuck in traffic or circling for parking, leaving you more time for studies and fun.
  2. Community. Live in a community of students where friends and classmates are just a door or two away. Make friendships that last a lifetime!
  3. Live smart. Studies show that students who live on campus are more successful in school and more likely to complete their program (and we have the Valedictorians to prove it!)
  4. Hassle-free. Internet, cable, water, heat and electricity are all included (save money!)
  5. Have fun. Our great Resident Advisors (RAs) organize a ton of residence programs and activities.
  6. Resources. Easy access to campus resources like the Recreation Centre, Wellness Services and the Library – help and support are always close by.
  7. Leadership opportunities. Get involved with Residence Activities Council or as a Resident Advisor.
  8. Live and learn. The option to choose among our Living Learning Communities and share a common interest with your roommates.
  9. Environmentally friendly. No driving means no pollution.
  10. Live it up. Residence is the total university experience – you have the rest of your life to live off campus.


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Did you know? New students who apply and pay their security deposit by June 15 are guaranteed a place in Residence.