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With the help of an experienced, certified personal trainer you can get trained and achieve your fitness goals. Increased energy, decreased stress and improved active daily living are just some of the results you can expect. Our professional and dedicated trainers will help you find the most appropriate exercise plan to work towards your personal fitness goals.


Purchasing personal training is as easy as point and click. Get training.

Did You Know?

We offer complimentary Fitness Centre orientations to help you feel more confident. Stop by the Fitness Centre desk or call 403.440.6631 to book a time! If you are new to personal training and would like additional information or to talk to someone about the services offered, contact Get a Personal Trainer?

REASON #1 Find your Fit

A personal trainer will help you find the most appropriate exercise plan based on your abilities, goals and other additional factors. It is much easier to stick to something if you are enjoying it and working with a personal trainer is a great way to find the best way for YOU to get active.

REASON #2 Gain Knowledge

You hear it time and time again: knowledge is power. Working with a personal trainer goes far beyond your time together. They will equip you with the knowledge to be able to safely and effectively continue to work towards your active goals, even when you're not together!

REASON #3 Work Towards Goals

Fitness goals are different for everyone. Whether you are looking to run a 5k, lose weight, gain weight or anything in between, a personal trainer will be able to create a strategic plan and help you attain your goals.

REASON #4 Learn Proper Technique

Proper exercise technique is essential in preventing injury and optimizing your workout. Working with a personal trainer will help ensure that you both understand and execute exercises correctly; keeping you safe and making sure you get the most out of your time at the gym.

REASON #5 Keep Motivated

A personal trainer will keep you on track, help you stay focused and when you feel like giving up they will be there to give you that much needed motivation.The Fine Print Everyone Should Read, but Probably Won't: We work hard to provide a safe environment for all of our users. As a result, all personal trainers working within Rec must be employed by Mount Royal University (violations will result in loss of membership).

Personal Training/Nutrition Services Cancellation Policy: Full charge for less than 24 hours notice prior or no-shows. All new sessions include a 30 minute consultation. Prices shown are on a per person basis.  

Attention Non-members: Recreation Centre access is only permitted during scheduled appointments with personal trainers. Any additional access to the facility can only be granted through the purchase of a day pass or Recreation Centre memberships. We offer a variety of membership options to complement your needs.     


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