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Healthy Campus Team

The Healthy Campus Team in Wellness Services is dedicated to health promotion, which is understood as "the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants and thereby improve their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions." (WHO, 2005).

We work with campus community members to help promote well-being from the individual to the environmental level. We do this collaboratively through an evidence-based population health promotion approach that includes identifying health issues and strategically engaging in programming, education, advocacy, capacity building, and policy initiatives.

To learn more about health promotion at universities and colleges, please see the Okanagan International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges (2015), of which Mount Royal is a proud signatory.

Health Promotion Initiatives

The Healthy Campus Team collects data and engages with the community in order to inform evidence-based campus policies on wellness and to promote health campus-wide.

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Employee Wellness Collaborations

Wellness Services and Human Resources work together to foster wellness in the workplace by supporting Mount Royal employees with a range of services and resources.

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Picture of all the members of the Healthy Campus Team

The Healthy Campus Team

Donna George - Healthy Campus Team Lead

Contact for Healthy Campus Alberta & National College Health Assessment
403.440.5951 |

Kayleigh Suggett - Administrative Assistant (on leave)

Contact for General Inquiries
403.440.6869 |

Alex Chiem - Health Promotion Specialist

Contact for Health Promotion Scans
403.440.8738 |

Charmène Brewer - Health Outreach Coordinator

Contact for Peer Health Educators and Student Leadership Conference
403.440.6369 |

Chelsea Bodoe - Health Promotion Evaluation Specialist

Contact for Reporting, Assessment, & Evaluation
403.440.7061 |

Fatima Dhooma - Health Outreach Coordinator

Contact for Mental Health Outreach, Peer to Peer Mental Health Educators and Steps to Well-being
403.440.8534 |

Michelle Chimenti - Stepping Up Program Coordinator

Contact for the Stepping Up Program
403.440.5684 |

Telaina Sewers - Health Promotion Specialist

Contact for Wellness Training and Health Education
403.440.6595 |



The Healthy Campus Team is available to give presentations to Mount Royal classes on a variety of student health and mental health topics. We can also present health education, health promotion, and using research to inform health promotion practice. Data from the NCHA is used to inform these presentations. Please contact Fatima Dhooma at to find out more.