MRU Flu Clinic
October 23 - 27, 2017
9:00am - 4:00pm
U216 - Wellness Centre


Mount Royal University has taken several measures to prepare the campus for the potential spread of seasonal influenza.  Microsan stations, an alcohol-based foam hand sanitizer, have been placed at most entrances and other key high traffic areas.

We have also launched an awareness campaign — including this website — to provide flu prevention information, emphasize self-care techniques and what to do if you develop flu-like symptoms. Check out:

Education and Prevention — learn what H1N1 is and how you can best protect yourself against it and the seasonal flu 

Students — information specific to students such as what to do if you have to miss class

Employees — information specific to MRU staff and faculty including how to report your absence due to flu

Administrators — Human Resources FAQs as well as monitoring, tracking and reporting H1N1-related absenteeism

Residence students — information for students living on campus

Travellers — tips for those planning to travel

Resources & links — additional resources for more information