Staying Healthy


Happy Hour Workshops

Wish to learn about and practice positivity? Feel free to join us in weekly discussions about the tenets of Positive Psychology - happiness, curiosity, kindness, gratitude and flow. We'll give you the theory and research on Positive Psychology and send you out into your community to practice what we preach in this "happy" hour. No alcohol required! You'll have a chance to share what you learned and along the way build healthier perspectives and a more positive well-being. In addition to the Happy Hour workshop, Student Counselling Services offers a variety of other free workshops that facilitate positive mental health.


Take in a big breath of fresh ideas, learn new ways of looking at life, new coping strategies. The BreathingRoom™ is an eight-module online resource for you. It’s private and available anytime, anywhere you have online access. Everything on the site has been created with input from young people who have experienced life’s struggles. C’mon in, check out cool videos, true stories, and simple tools that can help you feel better. 


Gain energy, clear your mind, take a break and have fun in Mount Royal’s outstanding Recreation Centre. Being active has been proven to be a positive impact on mental health and whether you want to play, exercise or unwind, we’ll support your healthy, active lifestyle. With hundreds of options offered each semester such as fitness, climbing, intramural sports, aquatics and more, it’s easy to be active on campus. For all the details check out

Wellness Services

Wellness Services offers a whole person approach to your health by integrating a broad spectrum of services that address the wellness of your body, mind, and spirit. Mental health challenges impact academic performance and personal well-being. Ensure you are tapping into resources at Wellness Services to help you to LIVE WELL!

Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL)

Student Affairs and Campus Life services intentionally weave learning into the student experience, emphasizing personalized and experiential learning to promote academic and personal success. There are many services available at Mount Royal University to support you.


Wellness is the capacity to maintain a personalized balance of life and cope with stressful situations. Good health enables individuals to positively deal with challenges, to make healthy decisions, to follow their goals and interests, and to enjoy life.  There are so many services to help you : click here

Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success is a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgemental service area that can help you succeed during your time at Mount Royal University by facilitating New Student Orientation and the Early Support and Registration Support programs. Come visit us in F101 or visit to refer yourself to our Early Support Program!