I Need Help

Campus and community resources

Student Counselling Services

mru.ca/mentalhealth | 403.440.6362

Health Services Clinc

mru.ca/medicalservices | 403.440.6326

Mental Health Nurses

mru.ca/mentalhealth | 403.440.6326

MRU Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

mru.ca/humanresources | 1.800.663.1142

SAMRU Peer Support Centre

samru.ca/supportservices/psc | 403.440.6269

Residence Advisor (RA)

If you live in MRU Residence, connect with your Residence Advisor.

Distress Centre

distresscentre.com | 403.266.HELP (403.266.4357)

Health Link

Call 811 for free advice from a registered nurse 24/7.
myhealth.alberta.ca | 1.866.408.5465


Sheldon M. Chumir Emergency Health Centre

albertahealthservices.ca | 403.955.6200

South Health Campus

albertahealthservices.ca | 403.956.1111

Foothills Hospital

albertahealthservices.ca | 403.944.1110

Peter Lougheed Hospital

albertahealthservices.ca | 403.943.4555

Rockyview Hospital

albertahealthservices.ca | 403.943.3000

Concerning Behaviour on Campus Team (CBCT)

mru.ca/CampusServices/CampusSafety/ConcerningBehaviour | 403.440.5900

Security Services

mru.ca/security | 403.440.5900

Early Support Program

mru.ca/earlysupport | 403.440.8904

Campus Equity and Meaningful Inclusion

mru.ca/cemi | 403.440.5956

Chaplains/Prayer spaces


Iniskim Centre

mru.ca/iniskimcentre | 403.440.5596

Office of Student Conduct

mru.ca/codeofstudentconduct | 403.440.6356

SAMRU Student Advocacy Office

samru.ca/studentadvocacy | 403.440.7792

Wellness Wheel

Many factors can influence your health and well-being. There are eight different interacting dimensions in wellness, and total well-being comes when there is balance across all of them.

SAMRU has put together an anonymous quiz that assesses your well-being in each dimension, offers tips for improvement and recommends awesome on-campus resources tailored to your needs.

Take the Wellness Wheel quiz now to check up on your wellness!