Tools for Success: Models for Exemplary Student Mental Health Initiatives at Alberta Post-secondary Institutions


Mental health is an increasing concern for Alberta’s learners. Post-secondary Institutions (PSIs) can increase their capacity to respond to this concern and create learning and living environments that encourage students to flourish. To support these efforts, the Next Steps to Improve Post-secondary Student Mental Health resulted in direct funding to all publicly funded PSIs in Alberta. Through this funding, institutions have been tasked to take a systemic approach to support student mental health across seven dimensions, including components such as overall institution structure, policies, processes, programming, outreach, direct care for students, and crisis management. Evidence and the context of the campus community can inform and support these initiatives.

Navigating the complex array of evidence-informed initiatives and developing strategies that are appropriate for the specific context, resources, and capacity of various campus communities can be challenging. This toolkit was designed to further facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building among Alberta PSIs to help achieve the outcomes of the Next Steps program.

This toolkit is made possible by funding under the Government of Alberta’s Next Steps to Improve Post-Secondary Student Mental Health.