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Alter G for Rehabilitation

Learn how the AlterG can bring mobility back into your lifestyle.

Alter G for Athletes

Find out how the AlterG can be a useful tool in athletic training.

Acupuncture for Rehabilitation

Meet Optimal Therapy's Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and learn about the health benefits of acupuncture.

Wellness Tip: Book Stand

Study better with good posture.

Wellness Tip: Foam Roller

Stretch muscles and relieve tightness using a foam roller.

Wellness Tip: Massage Ball

Relieve muscle tightness in your back, shoulders and glutes.

Wellness Tip: Shepherd's Hook

Study better by releasing those tense muscles between visits to your practitioner.

Lessons Learned

MRU students share some quick lessons they have learned outside the classroom.
Volume 1 | Volume 2
By MRU Nursing students

Make Change

The MRU community confronts stereotypes head-on.
Volume 1 | Volume 2
By MRU Nursing students

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 4
by the Peer Health Educators

I am Not Alone

By MRU nursing students