Student Counselling


Student Counselling 

We invite you to browse the description of our services and review the many resources we created to support your success. We know university can be an exciting, yet stressful time for students. Indeed, for many it is not all smooth sailing. Homesickness, feeling anxious, and relationship troubles are a few examples that can lead us to feel down and discouraged. It could be that you need more than your family’s advice to evaluate your career and education interests. Unanticipated troubles, such as a family illness, may significantly interfere with school.

When experiences like these negatively impact of your ability to be academically successful and live well, you will want to consider additional help. Sometimes you may just need support from counsellors to explore your options, connect with resources, and develop a perspective that will help you to cope.Student Counselling is here for you so you can continue to enjoy your activities, live well, and have a great Mount Royal University experience.

What is Student Counselling?

If the introduction is still leaving you with questions about our services, then please refer to our PodCAST.  In our PodCAST, Counsellor Mirjam Knapik explains what Student Counselling is for, what counsellors do, and what services we offer.

Booking Appointments

To make an appointment for any personal, career or educational concern, please call Student Counselling Services at 403.440.6362 or drop by our office in the Wellness Services Centre, room U216.


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What if I need immediate assistance?

If you require immediate assistance there is a 24 hour crisis line available through the Distress Centre (403.266.1605)

Note: If assistance is required with learning strategies or writing strategies, you need to contact the Student Learning Services in T123, call them at 403.440.6452.

Student Counselling Services offers a variety of workshops that are beneficial to students.  See if there is a workshop to suit your needs.