Student Counselling


Please note - Student Counselling Services will be closed for services from December 22nd at noon until January 2, 2018.

If you require immediate services/are in crisis, please contact the Distress Centre at 403.266.4357 (24/365), HealthLink at 811 (24/365) or Campus Security at 403.440.5900 (24/365).

Student Counselling

We know university can be an exciting, yet stressful time for students. Homesickness, feeling anxious, and relationship troubles are a few examples that can lead us to feel down and discouraged. Student Counselling is here for you so you can continue to enjoy your activities, live well, and have a great Mount Royal University experience.

In our PodCAST, Counsellor Mirjam Knapik explains what Student Counselling is for, what counsellors do, and what services we offer.

Our Services

Personal Counselling

Assistance for a wide range of personal concerns such as anxiety, stress, depression, post-traumatic stress, abuse, family issues, relationship issues, eating disorders and other psychological barriers that may be getting in the way.   

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Career Counselling

Assistance in finding your career passion and help choosing a major. We help you to evaluate your life and career interests while taking into consideration other factors such as aptitudes, motivations and personal circumstances. 

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Educational Counselling

Guidance enhancing academic success. We provide assistance with processing withdrawals, help following procedures relating to withdrawals, disqualification appeals and readmission to school following a disqualification. 

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Crisis Intervention

Support during times of significant stress or trauma caused by increased workload and major life changes. We also provide support following an assault, a death, or during times of suicidal thoughts or behaviours.  

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Group Counselling and Workshops

Free workshops offer excellent skill development on a variety of topics. We run workshops on procrastination and time management; managing stress, anxiety and worry; mindfulness; happiness and resilience; ABZs of sleep; career passion.

We also offer student success groups on physical wellness, managing anxiety and worry, parent support, resilience and mental health, career exploration and decision making.  

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Booking Appointments

To make an appointment for any personal, career or educational concern, please call Student Counselling Services or drop by our office.

SLS_phone2 403.440.6362    SLS person2 Wellness Services Centre, Room U216  What if you need immediate assistance?

If you require immediate assistance there is a 24 hour crisis line available through the Distress Centre (403.266.1605)

Note: If assistance is required with learning strategies or writing strategies, you need to contact the Student Learning Services in T123, call them at 403.440.6452.

Student Counselling Services offers a variety of workshops that are beneficial to students.  See if there is a workshop to suit your needs.