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Wellness Heroes’ showcase Mount Royal University employees who actively incorporate elements of wellness into their daily routine. Each month, a different MRU employee will be profiled.


Young-Cheol Jung

Wellness Hero Young-Cheol Jung Young-Cheol Jung
Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies

If you’ve ever been at the MRU fitness centre in the morning (7am) or afternoon (5pm), you may have witnessed an incredible sight. You might not guess it by his title, but Young is an avid dancer. From Hip hop to the Shuffle and the Charleston, Young practices his dance routine daily. He has regularly practiced this routine for over 2 years now, about half the time that he’s worked at MRU.

Young took up the hobby of dance as a way to lose weight and improve his quickness and agility. Since the time that he began dancing, he has seen positive results in his weight, muscle tone, and flexibility.

We commend Young for his commitment to wellness by regularly incorporating dance into his day as a means to contribute to his physical health. His dedication, commitment, and sheer ability inspire us to find something that we enjoy that also gets us moving. When asked what his words of advice and encouragement were for others at MRU, Young states that regular dancing is important and that if you learn a few basic steps and routines, it can make the experience that much more enjoyable. Thanks Young, for being a Wellness Hero and encouraging others at MRU to LIVE WELL!

Click here to check out Young’s dance moves!