Workshops, Groups & Volunteer

Exploring wellness together

Wellness Workshops, Groups and Volunteer

Listening and learning

Free, single-session training on a variety of health and wellness topics year-round – there's something for everyone.

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Meet with like-minded students throughout the semester to support one another and achieve goals.

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Student volunteer opportunities

Are you interested in educating your classmates about health topics? Do you love to plan events, meet others, come up with creative ideas for marketing, and practice healthy behaviours?

Become a peer health educator!

Are you enthusiastic about promoting mental health and educating people about mental illness? Do you want to gain leadership, event planning and communication skills?

Become a peer to peer mental health educator!

Are you passionate about preventing dating violence and fostering healthy relationships? Are you looking to increase your knowledge of community resources and group facilitation skills?

Become a peer facilitator!