Environmental Health & Safety

Injury and Safety Incident Management

A number of components work together at Mount Royal University to prevent workplace safety incidents and injuries from occurring. Hazard assessments, safety training, workplace inspections, and community engagement all reduce the risk of injury or incident.

Unfortunately, incidents and injuries can still occur. If you witness or are directly involved in a workplace safety incident, you have a responsibility to report. If you aren't sure if what you witnessed needs to be reported, the best advice is to report it anyway. Chances are, we want to know!

What do I do if I was involved in or witnessed an incident?

Step 1: Control the Safety Incident

  • If the incident is life-threatening, call 9-1-1, then notify Security Services at 403.440.5900 or by using one of the emergency phones on campus.
  • If the incident is non-life threatening, but you still need assistance (e.g. first aid, security concern, chemical spill), notify Security Services, 403.440.5900.

Step 2: Report the Safety Incident

  • Report the incident to your direct Supervisor.
  • Submit all safety incidents (injuries, property damage, hazardous environmental spill, or close calls) to the Injury / Incident Report Form.

Step 3: Investigate the Safety Incident

  • EH&S will work with you and your Supervisor to investigate the incident to determine why and how it happened, and to determine controls to prevent that type of incident from happening again.

For more information on what to report and how, please contact EH&S.