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Bi-Weekly Payroll Information

MRU will be making a change to the frequency in which all employees are paid.

Currently, MRU pays employees based on a semi-monthly payroll schedule on the 15th and third last banking day of each month for a total of 24 pay days per year. The semi-monthly pay schedule pays salaried staff in the pay period it is earned. Effective mid-June, MRU will transition to a bi-weekly payroll schedule. Employees can expect to be paid every 2 weeks every other Tuesday.  The bi-weekly schedule will run on a lag time, in other words, the pay date will be 10 days after the pay period end date.

For further information, please visit the Bi-weekly Payroll page on MyMRU.ca.

If the above link does not take you directly to the Bi-weekly Payroll page, log into MyMRU.ca and go to the Emplyoyee > Resouces & Timesheets page. The link to the bi-weekly pay information will be in the My HR Profile portlet in the Pay Information bullet-point list.