Snow & Ice Control

  Snow & Ice Control at Mount Royal University



What is Mount Royal University's snow removal and ice control program?Mount Royal University takes winter safety seriously on campus. The Grounds crew works all winter to keep the pathways clear of snow and ice. Snow removal begins at 6:00am and our goal is to have the main areas cleared by 9:00am. The grounds crew is on-call to start earlier during snow storms. Snow removal and ice control program modifies with the needs of the campus.

snow removal

     1. Main building entrances, disabled access, sidewalks, roadways
     2. Emergency exits
     3. Interior courtyard
     4. Residence steps
     5. Parkade and parking lots


Please note - If the snow is ongoing throughout the day, the focus will be on priority 1.

Priorities are subject to change based on resources / availability.

If you see an area on campus that requires attention, please report it to Facilities Management by calling the Customer Care Centre at 403.440.6417. Representatives are available 24/7.

Follow these tips to make sure you’re staying safe when walking around in snowy and icy conditions:

· Walk like a PENGUIN
· Walk slowly and carefully. Wear boots or other slip-resistant footwear.
· Choose snow-free pathways.
· Use special care when getting in and out of vehicles. Use the vehicle for support if you need to do so.
· Watch for slippery floors when you enter any building or home.
· Try to avoid carrying items, or walking with your hands in your pockets; this can reduce your ability to catch yourself if you lose your balance. Instead, carry a backpack if you have one.
· Watch out for black ice.
· Tap your foot on potentially slick areas to see if the areas are slippery.
· Walk as flat-footed as possible in very icy areas.
· Avoid uneven surfaces if possible. Avoid steps or curbs with ice on them.
· Report any untreated areas to Facilities Management. Help us keep you safe!


Report the incident to Security Services at 403.440.5900. In the case of an emergency, call 911.

*Employees - please notify your manager and file an incident report in Intelex. Visit for more details.