we are committed to empowering Indigenous students. with more than 50 years of experience, mru has earned its place as a leader in education through innovation, teaching excellence and an unrivalled focus on student success. 

the Indigenous strategy and the office of Indigenization and decolonization are focused on excellence in embracing traditional knowledge in teaching, sharing and providing land-based learning, traditional environmental knowledge, language understanding and grasping the importance of culture in all the dimensions of human existence. we know traditional knowledge can impact and create change. we are committed to being accessible, creative, and responsive. we embrace and apply traditional culture to effect excellence in teaching and in enhancing the student experience.   

our goal at mru is to seek truth, to encourage respect, to honour life. our leaders negotiated schools into the treaties as part of our compensation for the land. they knew education would be the new buffalo. Indigenous knowledge transformed the entire world at contact and now at this point in time, it can once again transform. the Indigenous way of life is grounded in close observation of the world around us. through sharing knowledge we will once again create respectful ways to live in harmony with all living entities. 

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