What We Do

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What we do

Education and training

Education and training are at the core of the Public Safety and Security Research Group. Research generated by the group informs the development of credentials, courses, workshops and other educational materials aimed at developing practical skills in preparing for and responding to security and safety issues. Educational workshops and credentials prepare learners for the workplace or furthering their studies.


Research done by the PSSRG brings together scholars and practitioners from multiple disciplines to document and analyze applied security issues, creating a unique ecosystem of innovation in the security field. The group looks at all aspects of community and public safety, including grievance-based violence. This term refers to the increasingly familiar scenario in which the attackers are an aggrieved individual or group of individuals who employ violence, or the threat of violence, against another individual or group, subsequent to a grievance, whether real or perceived. Our primary research model mimics the university hospital model, which combines practice/delivery, research and teaching. This means that research projects include academics, practitioners and students on teams whenever possible.

Community engagement

Needs analysis undertaken by the PSSRG involves working with organizations in the public and private sectors to find evidence-based solutions to security-related problems and concerns, through assessment, development and training. By assessing vulnerabilities and threats in the areas of cybersecurity, community safety and grievance-based violence, the PSSRG is able to provide comprehensive analyses, customized education and training, and recommendations on other countermeasures grounded in current research.