Info Night

CE - BPE Info Night Header
CE - BPE Info Night Header

Boom, Bust & You

Information Night at MRU

Get the information you need to reinvent yourself in a boom/bust economy.

  • Learn from break-out and info sessions
  • Network with other professionals and professional associations
  • Understand how upgrading your skills can make you more marketable

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Featuring Keynote Speaker:
Catherine Brownlee
President and CEO of CBI
Industry strategy and advancement expert

January 20, 2016
5-7:30 p.m.
Ross Glen Hall

Presentations will be provided in the following program areas:

TimeEC 2035
EC 2045
EC 2055
 5:30-5:50 Technical Writing Petroleum Land Business CAPPA
 6:00-6:20 Business Analysis Digital Graphic Design Project Management
 6:30-6:50 Event Management Human Resources Change Management
 7:00-7:20 Supply Chain Management Contract Management/Business Law for CM Leadership

Join our Keynote Speaker, Catherine Brownlee at 5:30pm, 6:00pm or 6:30pm as she presents on:
* Leaveraging your social and professional networks to land on your feet
* Why now is the perfect time to upgrade your skills and get the training you need to become more marketable in a
competitive job market  

Start your career transition today.

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