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Funeral Director Certificate


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Students in the Funeral Director Certificate are required to complete 11 courses (1,800 hours) through part-time studies.

Note: Occupational Programs are non-credit Continuing Education programs that do not meet General Admission Requirements. Therefore, the courses taken within these programs cannot be used towards an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate program nor do students have access to undergraduate courses in degree, diploma or certificate programs. There is no limit to the number of non-credit academic upgrading courses you may complete. 


  • XFDC 20001 - Funeral Directing I
  • XFDC 20004 - Funeral Directing II
  • XFDC 20008 - Funeral Directing III
  • XFDC 20012 - Work Experience I
  • XFDC 20014 - Psychology of Death & Dying
  • XFDC 20016 - Business Strategies
  • XFDC 20019 - Business Communications
  • XFDC 20024 - Funeral Director Work Experience II
  • XFDC 20025 - Funeral Trends & Regulations
  • XFDC 20101 - Intro to Conflict Resolution
  • XFDC 20102 - Negotiating with Integrity

Courses may not necessarily be offered in the sequence shown. Students are responsible to ensure that all prerequisite requirements are met prior to registering in a course.