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Non-profit Management Extension Certificate


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Gain a thorough understanding of the non-profit sector and board governance in Canada, and discover strategies for building successful partnerships and alliances. Learn from experienced non-profit professionals who work and teach in their fields of expertise and acquire relevant skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Courses will focus on unique leadership skills for non-profit managers, financial management skills, people management in a volunteer environment, marketing, government relations, fundraising, and legal requirements and governance.

There are approximately 150,000 charities and non-profit organizations in Canada employing nearly a million people. These non-profit organizations have a significant impact on our communities and our economy, and those employed in the sector have a strong need for skills to meet its unique challenges.




  • Examine and gain a better understanding of the non-profit sector in Canada
  • Identify new trends and issues affecting non-profit organizations
  • Explore different approaches to strategic planning
  • Define the key components of effective Board of Governance, including the roles and responsibilities of Board members
  • Discover strategies for building successful partnerships and alliances
  • Acquire skills to bolster your current non-profit workplace or volunteer role
  • Prepare for a career in the non-profit sector
  • Gain a recognized credential

Program details

Format: Online CE online courses are instructor-led, interactive courses. Students work within scheduled start and end dates and observe set timelines for learning activities and assignments.

Duration: Complete the 8 required courses plus 2 optional courses (150 hours). Can be completed within 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years.


NEW - Social Innovation Extension Certificate

Social innovation is about finding ways to introduce lasting changes at all levels - individual, organizational, and societal - to increase the resilience of vulnerable people and the planet. Social innovators come from every sector and discipline - what they share is a curiosity and a passion for tackling complex social, environmental and/or cultural challenges.

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Non-profit Management Extension Certificate schedule

Required courses
(Sept. - Dec.)
(Jan. - Apr.)
(May - Jun.)
Introduction to Non-profit Management
Keys to Managing Non-profit Organization Strategic Management
Program Planning and Evaluation for the Non-profit Sector
Law for the Non-profit Sector
Board Governance in the Non-profit Sector
Fund Development and Corporate Philanthropy
Ethical Issues in the Non-profit Sector
Introduction to Voluntarism in the Non-profit Sector
Optional Courses (choose 2)
Marketing and Public Relations in the Non-profit Sector
Keys to Managing non-profit Organizations II: Roles & Relationships
Financial Basics: Keeping it Simple for Non-profit Managers
The above schedule is subject to change. Courses start on various dates within each semester.

Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March.

Required courses

We strongly recommend completion of Introduction to Non-profit Management prior to registering in any other courses in the program.

Introduction to Non-profit Management
non-profit organizations make a significant contribution to our communities and to our economy. Explore the history, magnitude, issues, trends and challenges that affect the sector, with emphasis on leadership and management skills.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20008 15 Hours. Fee: $349 Choose one of the CRN's below
CRN 50344
Online May 4 -May 29
CRN 70271 Online July 6- Aug. 4

Keys to Managing Non-profit Organizations I: Strategic Management
Examine the fundamentals of strategic management and explore various approaches to strategic planning. Analyze the impact of your organization's mission and vision when developing and meeting long-term objectives. Gain an understanding of the role of organizational leadership, culture, complexity and mobilizing resources for change.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20009 15 Hours. Fee: $349
CRN 70272 Online Aug. 4- 31

Program Planning and Evaluation for the Non-profit Sector
Explore program planning and assessment principles currently used in the non-profit sector. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create new programs and initiatives in a non-profit organization by creating a plan for a new program from the research stage through evaluation.
Textbook (recommended): Field Guide to non-profit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation, available at the Cougar Store.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20012 15 Hours. Fee $349
CRN 30065
Online Mar. 4 -Apr. 1

Introduction to Voluntarism in the Non-profit Sector
Volunteers donate over one billion hours to charities each year, a value of over $14 billion to Canada's economy. It is imperative for non-profit organizations to manage this valuable resource effectively. Find out how to plan an effective volunteer program, motivate volunteers, provide meaningful volunteer job development, and recruit, select and train volunteers.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code XNPC 20011 15 Hours. Fee $349
CRN 30064
Online Apr. 9 -May 7

Board Governance in the Non-profit Sector
To govern well, boards must understand their work and develop effective, well-thought-out processes that keep the board focused on its work while respecting the roles and responsibilities of the organization's staff. Examine these issues and investigate various board models and structures, roles of external stakeholders and board fiduciary responsibilities.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code XNPC 20010 15 Hours. Fee $349
CRN 50099
Online May 11 -Jun. 5

Fund Development and Corporate Philanthropy
Look at fundraising from both a non-profit and a private sector perspective. From the non-profit perspective, discuss how to raise funds. On the corporate side, discuss how to create programs that provide funding.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20015 15 Hours. Fee $349
CRN 30160
Online Mar. 12 -Apr. 9

Ethical Issues in the Non-profit Sector
Ethics-based decision making is critical to the long-term success of a non-profit organization. Explore various ways to approach ethical issues and different ethical decision-making tactics that can be applied to a non-profit organization, helping to ensure its success.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20013 15 Hours. Fee $349 Not Offered This Semester

Law for the Non-profit Sector
It is vital that non-profit managers understand the legal responsibilities of the organization. Examine a broad range of legal issues, including the laws of trust, contract law, tax law, and human resource laws. Explore a risk management process that has direct application to non-profit organizations.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20014 15 Hours. Fee: $349 Not Offered This Semester


Optional Courses

Choose 2

Marketing and Public Relations in the Non-profit Sector
Gain insight into marketing and public relations as they relate to the goals and objectives of non-profit organizations. This course provides opportunities for networking and small group discussion, and you are expected to develop a marketing and public relations plan for a non-profit organization.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20007 15 Hours. Fee: $349
CRN 50289
Online May 25 -Jun. 19

Keys to Managing Non-profit Organizations II: Roles and Relationships
Examine the management functions in non-profit organizations and identify different strategies for managing them. Learn to recognize the importance of major stakeholders and how to maintain relationships with them and discover the role of transaction and exchange when managing stakeholders.
Recommended: Keys to Managing non-profit Organizations I

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject code: XNPC 20016 15 Hours. Fee: $349
CRN 30110 Online Apr. 2 -Apr. 30

Financial Basics: Keeping it Simple for Non-profit Managers
Examine non-profit financial management including the accounting cycle, budgeting process and financial management tools. Use case studies to examine the financial relationship between non-profit organizations and government.

Subject (for registration): Non-Profit Management

Subject Code: XNPC 20016 15 Hours Fee: $349
CRN 50179
Online Jun. 1 -Jun. 26


ce_bio_xnpc_fugielMichele Fugiel Gartner MA, CAP®
Michele Fugiel Gartner, MA, CAP®, has over a decade of experience within the non-profit and philanthropic sectors, specializing in private foundations and social entrepreneurship. She is Ph.D. candidate at the University of St. Andrews, School of Management focusing on professionalism and family foundations. Michele instructs non-profit management and social entrepreneurship courses, provides advisory services for charitable organizations, and in 2016, she received the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation.

Her prior philanthropic experience was with the Trico Charitable Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Social Venture Partners Calgary and as a participant in Rotary International's Group Study Exchange to Saitama, Japan, where she studied the role of philanthropy in Japanese civil society. She received her MA in International Studies and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and is an alumna of the Asia Pacific Leadership Program at the East-West Center in Honolulu.

CE Bio - Strategic Management Entrepreneurship Management Development - McMillan-EvansJudy McMillan-Evans MEd
Judy McMillan-Evans is an adult educator with over 25 years of experience in both classroom and on-line instructional design and delivery. She is so excited about the world of education that in 2013, she completed a Master's in Education. She also holds certificates in both adult education and group facilitation from Mount Royal University.

Judy is the lead instructor and designer for MRU's Entrepreneurship program, a project she has led for 22 years. In 2006, Mount Royal University awarded Judy with their Distinguished Faculty/Teaching Award based upon her excellent student engagement and program results.

Judy is a generalist in the field of business, with over 40 years of business ownership. She loves to teach about entrepreneurship, business planning, human resource management, marketing, financial management and business operations. She is also a specialist in not-for-profit management and community economic development.

In everything she does, Judy offers fun, passion, experience, knowledge and creativity with a strong focus on quality education.

CE Bio - Non-profit Management - SerafinoAllan B. Serafino PhD
Allan is a 28-year veteran of the non-profit sector and has taught several courses in MRU's non-profit Management program. He is semi-retired, spending his time consulting, publishing and teaching.

Allan recently completed a PhD at the University of Calgary with a focus on workplace learning in the non-profit sector. His thesis was on "non-profit Leaders' Experiences in Learning at their Workplace".

Allan earned his BA (English Literature) at Laurentian University and his MCE (Continuing Education) at the University of Calgary. His teaching focus is on non-profit management: program planning and introduction to volunteerism at MRU, and continuing education and adult learning at UofC. His career expertise was in program planning, volunteerism, board development and adult learning.

Allan's most recent publications include Operational Planning and Management in Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice, 2nd Ed, 2013, as well as various articles in non-profit and educational journals. He has a forthcoming article with Dr. J. Willment, "Know Oneself First: A Study of Individual Learning Experiences for Executive Directors Working within non-profit Agencies" for the Human Resources Development Quarterly.

Ron Strand BA (Adv), BA (Psych), MA, Ed.D, CFRE
Ron's experience with the non-profit sector encompasses being Executive Director of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, a board member for provincial and national non-profits, and a consultant for numerous organizations, health care districts and universities across Canada.

Working in the non-profit field followed a successful career in business as a marketing manager. Ron continues his consulting practice and teaches with the Faculty of Communication, Public Relations program, at Mount Royal University. He has developed online courses in fund development, marketing and public relations.

Other interests include taking cartoon drawing at the Alberta College of Art, studying visual recording and facilitation, and incorporating cartoons and comics into many of his courses. Ron is a recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award from MRU.

"By the end of the Non-profit Management course I now have a deeper understand of how and why non-profits are an important part of society, how they keep or change focus over the years based on community needs, as well as understanding some of the common challenges non-profits face and why. Seeing the "bigger picture" of how the non-profit world works and how I can do my part as an employee and citizen to help support this important sector of society has fulfilled my passions for learning and helping others. Thank you!"

Jenni Rimstad, Non-profit Management student

"I'm proud to say that because of the support and training I received in the MRU non-profit Management Certificate program, I am now serving in a leadership role in the non-profit sector-and I'm loving every minute of it!"

James Michi, Executive Director
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association

"Personal examples, guest speakers and sharing of what is going on in the industry."

Non-profit Management student

"I have taken 2 courses offered from Mount Royal in the Non-profit Management Program - Intro to Non-profit Management and Marketing & PR for Non-profit. Both were incredible! I learned much from both of these courses and am now applying it to my regular full-time job. I have now enrolled in 2 more courses, Strategic Management and Fund Development/Corporate Philanthropy."

Bryan Polak, General Manager
West Hillhurst Community Association (Calgary)

"The Non-profit Management program provided me with broad knowledge of the various aspects of managing in this vital sector. The instructors provided great program outlines and I found it easy to navigate the University's Blackboard program. This certificate program is a great stepping stone towards other certification/diplomas and degrees."

Jocelyne Doran, Manager
Ten Thousand Villages