Think Talks


Illuminating. Enlightening. Innovative.

MRU Continuing Education is a place where ideas become actions due to the education and expertise of our faculty and community. 

The goal of MRU Think Talks is to share the ideas that are making significant changes here with our global community to start new conversations, relationships and possibilities.

Beyond the presentation, this is a space for the sharing and amplifying of the ideas presented as those affected by them use them to forward their community.

Stay tuned for our spring presentation date in April 2017.
In the meantime, enjoy and share these videos from our MRU Think Talks speakers.

MRU Think Talks
On point. Online.

Eliot Hoppe instructs in our Management Development program.


Judy McMilian-Evans instructs in our Nonprofit Management, Strategic Management and Management Development programs.


Dwight Boehm instructs in our Supply Chain Management program.


Joanne Leskow instructs in our Change Management, Leadership, Management Development, and Entrepreneurship programs, as well as our corporate training clients.

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