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Professional Management Seminar Series Certificate of Completion

One-Day Seminars - Classroom

These one-day seminars help you polish your supervisory, management and leadership skills with essential strategies and personal assessment tools. Design your own learning experience.


  • Learn management best practices in a variety of subjects
  • Develop or strengthen your knowledge of leadership skills
  • Build your soft skills as a leader, manager or supervisor

Program Format

  • Complete your choice of 6 courses (42 hours)
  • You may take individual seminars
  • Can be completed within 1 semester up to a maximum of 2 years

Refer to your Confirmation of Registration for course specific information.

Required Courses

Choose 6 seminars to earn your certificate or take individual seminars of interest.

The Art of Leadership
Be introduced to practical leadership tools and strategies for success, including delegation, motivation, coaching and feedback.

Subject code: XMGD 30012 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30317
1 classFeb. 18:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Succeed professionally by grasping the essential concepts of emotional intelligence and utilizing them to form powerful, healthy relationships. Learn to communicate clearly and effectively, solve problems, make thoughtful decisions, and earn others’ trust and respect.

Subject code: XMGD 30011 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30197
1 classFeb. 78:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Fri.


Supervisory Excellence
Acquire tools and strategies to lead as an effective supervisor. Explore fundamental concepts and develop skills for creating a positive work environment, productive teams and motivated employees.

Subject code: XMGD 30010 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 304691 classFeb. 88:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


Performance Management Seminar
Through the process of performance management, organizations are able to align individual and business goals. Explore the three key components of effective performance management: plan, perform and review.

Subject code: XMGD 30005 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST  
CRN 30385
1 classApr. 188:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


Project Management Basics
Learn the basic terminology of project management, including the five key areas of expertise: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

Subject code: XPRM 30016 7.5 Hours. Fee: $289 +GST  
CRN 30450
1 classMar. 148:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


 Motivating Your Team
Identify ways to motivate and develop employees and recognize factors that impact their performance. Develop guidelines to create a motivating work environment for different types of employees.

Subject code: XMGD 30008 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST Not Offered This Semester

Effective Interpersonal Communication
Workplace and business communication can be challenging. Be introduced to personal assessment tools and strategies to improve interpersonal effectiveness, facilitate team work, enhance productivity and foster win/win communication.

Subject code: XMGD 30006 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30195
1 classFeb. 228:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Sat.


Managing Difficult Conversations
Interpersonal challenges and tension are a common part of life and work. Learn and practice strategies to face and manage difficult conversations.

Subject code: XMGD 30004 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30471
1 classApr. 48:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


Conflict Management
Gain an overview of conflict management principles and best practices. Learn to assess and manage your own response and approach to conflict in the workplace.

Subject code: XMGD 30003 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30194
1 classMar. 288:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


Workplace Presentation Skills
For most people, delivering a presentation is nerve-racking. Acquire tools and techniques to increase your comfort and effectiveness in giving presentations.

Subject code: XMGD 30002 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST Not Offered This Semester


Writing in the Workplace
Effective business writing has high impact on your professional success. Learn to write well for business including effective letters, reports and presentations as well as e-mails, web content and blogs. Subject code: XMGD 30001. 7 Hours

Subject code: XMGD 30001 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST Not Offered This Semester


Building Customer Relations
Acquire the steps and strategies you require to provide customer service excellence. Discover what your customers want and need from you, and take action to ensure these needs are met. Explore methods for dealing with challenging customers while maintaining composure.

Subject code: XMGD 30007 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30196
1 classMar. 208:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Fri.


Transitioning from Worker to Leader
The first step in being an effective leader is to be consciously aware of the kind of leader you want to be to ensure your actions are consistent with your vision. Moving into a new leadership role can be both exhilarating and a little overwhelming. Understand the essential tools and techniques of leadership and manage your transition from worker to leader.

Subject code: XMGD  30009 7 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST  
CRN 30470
1 classFeb. 288:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Fri.


Increasing Your Influence
Gain valuable insight into what it takes to be a valued team member in today's workplace. This course provides useful techniques for managing situations where you have ample responsibility yet may not have the authority over others to make things happen. Deepen your understanding of how leaders and followers are interconnected in a team environment.

Subject code: XMGD 20031 7.5 Hours. Fee: $219 + GST
CRN 30421
1 classMar. 148:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.Sat.


CE Bio - Professional Mgt - Steve ArmstrongSteven D. Armstrong  CD, OStJ, MSc, BA
Leader, soldier and humanitarian Steve Armstrong is an expert at developing followers into leaders and building dedicated, loyal and remarkable teams.

For 35 years Steve has honed his insights and leadership skills and his unique ability to inspire and teach others to lead. His lessons are delivered with trademark frankness mixed with humorous quips that keep learners engaged and taking notes.

Steve Armstrong brings a refreshing look at leadership with a keynote speech, workshops, coaching and consulting with a message that is relevant, engaging, honest and, above all, valuable today.



ssdata_ce_cheryldavisCheryl Davis
Cheryl Davis has customized and facilitated a variety of training programs for corporate clients over the last few years. She successfully balances technical skills and soft skills in workplace learning. Cheryl has extensive knowledge of the retail industry and has held roles of Regional Controller and Internal Auditor as well as Area Manager, National Trainer and Vice President of Human Resources. Even though her personal experience is in retail Cheryl is able to adapt the course content to the needs of her class and make the concepts relevant to their specific work environments.

Cheryl has experience in teaching numerous courses including Customer Service, Effective Communications (listening skills, communication styles, giving and receiving feedback, perceptions and meeting skills), Teamwork, Train-the-Trainer (presentation and facilitation skills), Time Management, Supervisory skills (coaching, delegating and motivating), Financial Management (understanding financial statements and managing for bottom line results as well as understanding basic accounting skills) and Human Resource Management (including competency based interviewing and performance management).

Cheryl has a diploma in Business Administration and a Payroll Management Designation from the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA). She also completed the American Management Association's Management course and four levels of CGA program.

CE Bio - Professional Mgt - Eliot HoppeEliot Hoppe  MNLP, C.Ht
Eliot Hoppe is an accomplished international speaker, trainer and coach on workplace communication, leadership development and non-verbal influence. He is the Managing Director at Paramount Learning Systems.

With over 25 years of professional sales, management and executive leadership experience, Eliot spent 12 years at Canada’s largest wireless telecommunications company, where his responsibilities included Director, National Sales and Director, Recruiting and Training.

Over the last decade Eliot has provided workplace communication and leadership training to a variety of organizations from Fortune 50 to small and medium-sized businesses internationally. He brings a wealth of facilitation experience into the classroom.

Eliot is the author of Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success, Boardroom Basics: The Non Verbal Signals You Must Decode and Everyone’s Guide To Body Language: How To Decode The Emotions of Others.

CE Bio - Change Leadership - LeskowJoanne Leskow
Joanne has been a student and advocate of leadership development, change and corporate culture for two decades. She has provided culture leadership and training to a variety of organizations, most recently at WestJet Airlines, where her contributions were instrumental in their success and attainment of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture and admission to the Corporate Culture Hall of Fame.

With practical business experience, she brings years of design and facilitation expertise into the classroom. In addition to leadership functions with small, medium and large enterprises, Joanne is a successful entrepreneur who understands the practical application of leadership and change principles. She is experienced at both strategic development and tactical program implementation and her learning modules have been distributed nationally.

Joanne is an award-winning speaker, consultant and educator who has inspired and informed Mount Royal University audiences and learners since 2009. She is privileged to work with diverse learners.

CE Bio - Human Resource Management - McGearyHugh G. McGeary   BSW, MSW, GDSA
Hugh is drawn to teaching, appreciating the opportunity to bring his expansive knowledge and experience into rich conversations and interactions with adult learners from diverse fields and backgrounds. Hugh works with individuals, couples, families, groups, teams and organizations as a counsellor in private practice. He is also a manager, coach, teacher and consultant. He brings the knowledge from this varied background into the classroom for students to apply to their own worlds.




CE Bio - Professional Mgt - Ryan MullensRyan Mullens  BA, MA
Ryan comes from a diverse leadership background. He started his career in the nonprofit human services field and moved into health care in 2010. Ryan also spent 9 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer. His broad work background has afforded Ryan a unique understanding of leadership and management.

Ryan is currently employed as a Senior Advisor of Talent Development and Learning Services with Alberta Health Services. Ryan has a particular interest in the areas of employee engagement, leadership development, and organizational development.

Ryan has his Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and is a graduate of Mount Royal’s Justice Studies program. 

CE Bio - Human Resource Management - WilliamsMary-Jo Williams  CHRP
Mary-Jo is an independent leadership and organizational development consultant, facilitator and coach who partners with her clients to define, design and deliver practical learning and performance solutions that maximize engagement, productivity, efficiency and results.

Throughout her 28-year career, Mary-Jo has engaged, enabled and empowered leaders and individual contributors to turn talent into peak performance. Her clients and students say the secret to her success comes from her ability to leverage the lessons learned from her real-world experience building and leading teams in front-line, mid and senior level management roles in sales, operations, human resources and leadership / organizational learning and development.

Mary-Jo is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). An alumnus of the Human Resources program at Mount Royal University, she values the opportunity to give back to the community.




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