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Contract management business law is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis as it relates to Canadian law.

Fill a critical training gap with our focused Contract Management Business Law courses. Many organizations rely on untrained employees to draft contracts, using lawyers for a final check or complicated situations. Our program courses, taught by industry experts, provide you with a thorough understanding of common legal implications found in contracts.

Explore Canadian law as it applies to contracts while gaining knowledge and techniques for working with contracts in your daily role. Learn to manage the contract process in-house. Ensure compliance with contract terms with a focus on risk management. Review case studies and apply your knowledge to identify legal issues, determine the consequences and draft clauses to mitigate risks and find business advantages.

Build your understanding of the three primary business structures in Alberta and how to create and manage contracts for each. Examine the basic concepts of property law in relation to contract management. Learn about the legal issues related to property ownership and understand how it relates to the creation and implementation of successful contracts.


  • Earn a recognized credential to enhance your career prospects  
  • Apply for the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal
  • This program is eligible towards Gold Seal certification, a program that establishes, administers and continuously improves national professional certification standards for construction management
  • Learn from industry professionals
  • Demonstrate workplace competencies to potential employers
  • Complete through online delivery, open to anyone, anywhere


Program format

Format: Online | Learn more

Duration: Complete the 5 required courses (75 hours). Can be completed within 2 semesters up to a maximum of 3 years.

All required course materials are distributed online. Learn more.


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