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Important Notice

Effective fall 2019, the Lean Thinking Extension Certificate program is suspended. Courses in this program will no longer be offered. Please contact us at cebusiness@mtroyal.ca or at 403.440.6013 for more information.



This program is designed for performance improvement leaders, managers and front-line employees wanting to effectively support lean management and continuous improvement practices, gain credibility in the marketplace or implement lean thinking within their organization. The skills and knowledge in this program is ideal for application outside the manufacturing sector, including oil and gas, health care, IT, financial services and supply chain management.

Lean thinking – which adds value in the customer’s eyes and eliminates waste – assists organizations in developing the culture, mindset and behaviours to enable the accomplishment of more with less through specific tools and practices. Learn how to recognize the opportunities to implement lean thinking, the tools used to create lean processes and how to align your organization to lean thinking, and sustain positive change.


  • Recognize the value of lean thinking and tools in the workplace
  • Identify opportunities to practically apply lean thinking in the organization
  • Create value for customers by using fewer resources
  • Complete the 6 required courses (90 hours)
  • Can be completed within 1 semester

    Our Lean Thinking instructors are among the best in Canada – or anywhere. They are experts in the field who are eager to share their knowledge of and  passion for lean thinking with their students. See instructor biographies.

Introduction to Lean Thinking

This course introduces the fundamental concepts underlying Lean Thinking applied to industry, the service sector and not-for-profit environments. Students explore how the concepts of customer, value and non-value add, productivity and management ideas relate and influence each other. At the end of this course, students can demonstrate how the concepts taught relate to real-world situations including their own employer/work and the advantages organizations can gain by adopting Lean Thinking. 

Subject Code: XCIM 2000115 hours.   Fee: $489 

Lean, Process Thinking and Mapping a Solution

Students are introduced to process-centric thinking and process mapping techniques. Process-centric thinking enables the user to re-examine work, seeing issues and opportunities that were not visible before. Process mapping enables the student to be able to quantify and qualify improvement opportunities. And then by creating a future state map, you can identify not only what is possible, but also communicate the need for change and plan for the change needed. 

Subject Code: XCIM 2000215 hours.   Fee: $489 

Tools in Lean Thinking

The key to Lean is adding value add as seen through the customer's eyes and eliminating waste. This course covers the principle tools used to recognize waste and in turn eliminate waste to increase customer value. Each course module portrays a different type of workplace problem the student may be faced with and  identifies potential tools to use in each situation.

Subject Code: XCIM 2000315 hours.   Fee: $489 



Applying Lean, A Cycle of Improvement


This course equips you with practical knowledge of the Lean improvement cycle.  This is often referred to as Kaizen and based on the PDCA change and learning cycle. You will develop an understanding of frameworks and methodologies you can effectively use; and where and when to apply the ideas of Lean Thinking and the Lean tools you have already encountered to address future opportunities in the workplace.

Subject Code: XCIM 2000415 hours.   Fee: $489 


Integrating Lean into the Organization

Changing any organization from traditional management practices to adopt Lean practices is a difficult challenge. This course will cover the major factors an organization needs to consider in adopting Lean. The student will recognize the differences between an organization doing some Lean continuous improvement work and adopting Lean as part of the organizations daily management practices.

Subject Code: XCIM 2000515 hours.   Fee: $489 


 Sustaining Lean and Growing Forward

Sustaining Lean in any organization is challenging as the tendency is to revert to traditional management practices. This course reviews the challenges and methods successful companies have employed to stay focused on Lean. Learn how to take Lean further and apply Lean Thinking to an entire enterprise, including finance, strategy and the supply chain.

Subject Code: XCIM 2000615 hours.   Fee: $489 



Refer to your Confirmation of Registration for specific course and text information.

No textbooks required. 

Recommended text: The Lean Book of Lean by John Early.  Wiley Publication. Textbooks may be purchased independently or through the
Campus Store.

Course materials will be provided on Blackboard three (3) days prior to course start. Students are expected to bring a printed or digital copy of the course manual to class.


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