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Choose Your Continuing Education Program

If you want to attend a continuing education course but not receive official grades, you must seek written permission to audit from the appropriate Program Coordinator no later than one week prior to the course start date. Program contact information can be found at the bottom of each program web page.

Such permission is given at the discretion of the Program Coordinator pending space availability. You may only audit courses that are part of an Extension Certificate or an externally graded professional designation. If you are auditing a course you may not submit assignments or complete examinations for grading. Once granted permission to audit, you may not change to graded status. You may, in succeeding semesters, register in any graded course which you have previously audited. Full course fees, payment deadlines and course withdrawal policies apply to audited courses. Permission to Audit form.
Most Continuing Education courses are for personal and professional development and are not eligible for university credits.
The Faculty of Continuing Education offers these program/course types:
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Extension Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Open registration courses

More information

Fees must be paid in full when you register through Continuing Education Registration (by phone, mail, fax, online or in person). Fees do not include course materials, unless otherwise indicated. GST will be added to course fees where applicable. Post-dated cheques are not accepted. NSF fees apply.
You can earn a certificate (or other credential) by successfully completing all required and optional courses in a program. You may choose to take individual courses that are part of a certificate or professional designation program without having to earn the credential. However, you must meet any requirements and prerequisites. Continuing Education also offers many individual courses that are not part of a certificate or other designation.
A prerequisite is a requirement for prior learning that you must meet before registering in specific courses. Course prerequisites are listed with the course description on the program website.
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a method of recognizing and accrediting the demonstrated knowledge that has results from prior work, academic and life experiences. For more information, see Prior Learning and Recognition application form
You should contact your RESP provider or Human Resources and Social Development Canada to determine whether your chosen program will qualify.
The Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension has business, industry and community partners who offer a number of annual scholarships and awards to continuing education students. Continuing Education Scholarships and Awards.

When You are Ready to Register

Check the Continuing Education Registration page.

Please ensure that your browser supports the following features.

  • SSL enabled, with 128-bit encryption
  • Cookies enabled
  • Javascript enabled
There is no deadline to register for most Continuing Education courses. We do recommend that you register as soon as possible as course space may be limited or courses may be cancelled if sufficient registration is not reached.

Some programs have an application process. You should follow the timelines on the application form found on the program web page.
You can register online up to midnight the day (1 day) before a course commences. On the day a course begins, please register by phone, fax or in person instead. Please see Registration for detailed instructions.
  • Credit Card - Visa or MasterCard.
  • Company Purchase Order - Fill out a Third Party Billing Sponsorship Contract. Follow these instructions for completing and submitting.
  • Special Payment Options: Student Loan; International ESL Prepaid Tuition; Skills Investment Program Funding - You are responsible for paying any outstanding balances associated with your account that are not covered by student funding. For inquires about your tuition balance please contact Continuing Education Registration at 403.440.3833.

Tuition credits cannot be used for online registration. To use a tuition credit, please call 403.440.3833. To finalize your online registration without using the tuition credit, please use one of the payment options listed above.

If the course you want to register for is full, you may ask to be added to the course wait list. Please contact Continuing Education Registration to add you. If space becomes available, Continuing Education Registration will attempt to contact you.

While You are a Continuing Education Student


Please ensure that the address we have on file for you is up to date. If you have moved since your initial application or registration, you can change your address in person, by mail, fax or e-mail. Address changes will not be accepted if requested by a second party.

To protect the integrity of your student record, your personal information will be verified before changing your address.

To request an address change by phone, email or regular mail you must provide the following:

  1. Full legal name and any former name(s) (if applicable)
  2. Student ID number (if known)
  3. Former address
  4. New address (including the effective change date)
  5. Date of request
  6. Daytime phone number

Note: Photo identification is required for in-person changes (driver's license or MRU One Card).

Your classroom location and other important information you need for your first class is listed in the Confirmation of Registration document that is provided after you register by phone, in person or online. After you have registered you can access your classroom number and other course information at any time:
  1. Log in to MyMRU
  2. Click on the My Program tab.
  3. Click on the My course schedule link.
  4. Click on a course link for a Student Detail Schedule.

If you are on campus for your first class and have forgotten to bring your Confirmation of Registration with you, if you are in the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning (EC Building) the receptionist can direct you during office hours.

The Confirmation of Registration letter serves as your receipt. To access it at any time:
  1. Log in to MyMRU
  2. Click on the Online Services link
  3. Click the Student tab
  4. Click on the Registration link
  5. Click on the Student Schedule/Bill link and follow the prompts
Continuing Education students are subject to MRU's Office of Student Conduct. Read more in the Code of Student Conduct Policy.
All Continuing Education courses are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient registrations. If your course is cancelled, you may either transfer to another available course or receive a full refund. Credit card refunds are credited to your credit card account; cheque, cash and debit payments receive a refund with a mailed cheque. We will make every effort to inform you of the cancellation prior to the start of the course. Please provide a business and home phone number as well as an email address when registering.
Continuing Education students are included in MRU's Diversity and Human Rights Policy.
The personal information you provide to Mount Royal University is collected under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in the Province of Alberta [(sections 33(a) and (c)]. This information will be used for academic administration, the administration of Mount Royal support services, scholarship and financial aid awards, marketing and recruitment activities and in compliance with data sharing agreements. Your personal information is protected and can be reviewed upon request. Further information is available at mtroyal.ca/FOIP. Questions can also be directed to the MRU FOIP Office at 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB, T3E 6K6, by phone at 403-440-7288, or through email at foip@mtroyal.ca.
Mount Royal University is closed on statutory holidays and no Continuing Education classes are held. We are also closed during the long weekend. Please consult your Confirmation of Registration letter / Student Schedule/Bill for further information on course dates. The BookStore is also closed on statutory holidays. List of statutory holidays
Please refer to the Continuing Education Final Grade Appeals Policy/Procedures document.
Students who wish to have their continuing education courses assessed for transfer equivalency to a Mount Royal credit program must initiate this process through the Transfer Credit office. For more information, please visit Transfer Credit Process.
You may transfer from one course to another available course. To request a transfer, notify Continuing Education Registration Services at 403.440.3833 four (4) full working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays) prior to the start of the course in which you are registered. If you do not make your transfer before this deadline, you are liable for the entire tuition fee, or may opt to remain in the original course.
In the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension, we believe that our students' voices are important. Therefore, we are introducing an online Student Evaluation of Instruction process (eSEI). A link will be sent to you by e-mail when you complete your course. You may use a mobile device or a desktop computer to access the evaluation form.
Distinguished Teaching Award
Did you really appreciate your instructor? If so, please consider nominating them for a Distinguished Teaching Award, which highlights their excellence to the rest of the MRU community. Nominations are due by January 31 each year and awards are given out at a ceremony every June. Check the Human Resources website for form and procedures.

When You Complete Your Program

  1. Log in to MyMRU
  2. Click on My Program.
  3. Under the Student Grades section, click on Select Another Term and select a term.
You may view and print your grades and unofficial transcript through MyMRU.
  1. Log in to MyMRU.
  2. Click on the My Program tab.
  3. Click on View/order transcripts.
  4. Click on Unofficial Academic Transcript.
  5. Continuing Education and Web Transcripts are already selected in the drop-down menu. Click on Submit.
Your official academic transcript is the permanent record that Mount Royal University retains showing your academic history. It contains:
  • Full legal name
  • Student identification number
  • Date of birth (day and month only)
  • Course level (credit vs. continuing education)
  • Date issued
  • All continuing education and extension courses attempted, completed or in progress at Mount Royal and the awarded grades,
  • Transfer equivalencies awarded by Mount Royal (if you took courses at other post-secondary institutions or were granted prior learning equivalency)

How to order an official Mount Royal University transcript

Requests can be made online, by fax, regular mail or in person.

The cost for each transcript is $10. When requesting transcripts by fax or online, Visa or MasterCard is required. When ordering by mail, payment may be made by credit card, cheque or money order payable to Mount Royal. In person, payment may be made by debit, cash, cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard. An additional $5 charge will be applied if we are faxing your transcript.

Note: An official transcript is one that is received by another institution in a sealed envelope. A faxed transcript is not considered official.

Ordering Transcript Online - Please note that the option to order transcripts online is open to:

  • Continuing Education students whose records are from Fall of 1999 to present
  • Language Institute students whose records are from Fall of 2004 to present

Note: If you have taken credit courses at Mount Royal, a separate transcript must be requested.

  1. Log in to MyMRU
  2. Click the My Program tab.
  3. Click the View/order transcripts link.
  4. Choose where to send the Official Transcript ("External Institution", "One of Your Addresses", "Company or Other Recipient"). Click the Continue button.
  5. Select Continuing Ed & Extension in the Transcript Type drop-down menu. Check that all other information is correct on the Select Transcript Type page. Click the Continue button.
  6. On the Transcript Request Information page, select the Number of Copies. Choose "As soon as possible" or "Hold for grades" in the Print Transcript drop-down menu. "Standard Mailing $10.00 per copy" is already selected in the Delivery Method drop-down menu. Click the Continue button.
  7. On the Transcript Request Confirmation page, check that all information is correct and click the Submit Request button. You will be prompted for payment via VISA or MasterCard.

Note: Follow these instructions if you have forgotten your Student ID number.

Ordering Transcript by Mail or Fax - please provide:

  • Your full legal name (former names, if applicable)
  • Student ID number (if known)
  • Date of birth
  • Date of attendance at Mount Royal
  • Name and address to which transcripts are to be sent
  • Number of transcripts required
  • Student signature and date
  • Daytime telephone number (where contact you for payment)
  • Indicate when transcripts are to be mailed: Send immediately
  • Hold for final grades
  • Hold for graduation notation
Once you have completed your certificate program, please visit mru.ca/cegraduate for instructions on how to request your parchment.
Tax receipts (T2202 forms)

Courses taken at a post-secondary institution may be eligible for a tax credit. T2202 tax forms are available on MyMRU at the end of February each year.

  1. Log in to MyMRU
  2. Click on the ContEd & Conservatory tab.
  3. In the Personal Information box, select Slips for Income Tax Return and log in to the Self Service Banner.
  4. Select Student Services, then Tax Forms.
  5. Click on the T2202 Tax Form link.
  6. Select the Tax Year in the drop-down menu and select to either review online or print to PDF.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. View or print your form.

For inquiries regarding your tax credit form, please contact fees@mtroyal.ca.

Please refer to Canada Revenue Agency to determine eligibility when preparing your annual income tax returns.