Child & Youth Human Rights

Child and Youth Human Rights Extension Certificate


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Courses in this program will no longer be offered. Customized delivery of this program is available for corporate teams or other groups. For more information, please email or call 403.440.5579.

Become an advocate for child and youth human rights with this educational online program that focuses on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Each course covers an important theme of the CRC; including promotion, protection, participation and provision. This program will enrich your professional practice when working with children and youth.

Child and Youth Human Rights

"The CYHR Extension Certificate program provides an excellent introduction to the UNCRC. It highlights the importance of honouring the rights of children in public policy and daily life. The course materials are nicely crafted and richly informative, the assignments challenging yet fair, and the instruction engaging and insightful. Highly recommended."

- David Gullickson, BA Hons, MA (Systemic and Policy Advocate, Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth)


Promotion of CRC: Child and Youth Advocacy
This prerequisite course on promotion of CRC introduces the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a document that accords every child and youth in the world special inherent rights and freedoms, which according to Article 42, must also be made widely known to adults as well as children and youth alike. Discuss key principles in supporting human service professionals in their roles as child and youth human rights advocates.

Subject code: XCHR 10001 15 Hours.

Protection Rights: Child and Youth Welfare

This course focuses on protection rights, which are child and youth human rights to protection from all forms of harm including abuse, exploitation and violence. Explore society's responsibility to provide children and youth with protective care through legislation, services and professional practice.
Prerequisite: Promotion of CRC: Child and Youth Advocacy

Subject code: XCHR 10002 15 Hours.

Provision Rights: Child and Youth Healthy Development
Provision rights address the human rights of children and youth to an adequate standard of living that supports their healthy development. Examine society's responsibility to provide children and youth with health care as well as opportunities for education and play.
Prerequisite: Promotion of CRC: Child and Youth Advocacy

Subject code: XCHR 10003 15 Hours.

Participation Rights: Child and Youth Responsible Citizenship
Participation rights recognize that children and youth are developing persons who are capable of exercising civic rights as they move toward responsible citizenship. Learn about participation rights, including society's responsibility to provide children and youth with opportunities for expressing opinions and taking active roles in their communities.
Prerequisite: Promotion of CRC: Child and Youth Advocacy

Subject code: XCHR 10004 15 Hours.
Ellen Murray - BA, BEd, MEd, PhD

Dr. Ellen Murray currently instructs online courses for MRU after teaching on campus as a full-time faculty member for over a decade. Ellen effectively supports and engages students in online learning via research-based course materials and innovative practical assignments. Her range of professional experiences include: frontline practice, applied research, educational publication, elementary curriculum design and classroom teaching, as well as post-secondary course development and instruction, with much of work her focusing on human rights issues. Ellen developed MRU's Child and Youth Human Rights Extension Certificate, and enjoys teaching its four fully online courses.

In addition to online course delivery, Ellen collaborates with organizations in Canada and beyond on rights-related advocacy initiatives to benefit and improve the lives of young people. She was honoured to receive MRU's Human Rights Award, given in special recognition of Ellen's far-reaching advocacy efforts and significant contributions to the field of child and youth human rights studies.

Grounding child advocacy work in the rights of the child strengthens the chances of success and provides an opportunity to educate more people, from children and parents to service providers, about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Participating in the CYHR Extension Certificate has improved my ability to leverage the convention to create positive outcomes for children and has raised my awareness of a variety of helpful resources pertaining to child rights.

- L. Matte

As a Registered Early Childhood Educator and early years professional, I found the Child and Youth Human Rights ​Extension ​ Certificate program invaluable to my professional practice as well as children's advocacy. It helped me to identify in what areas the field of early childhood care and education need to improve, and has motivated me to take on a more significant role in initiating some of that change. I strongly recommend this program to anyone working with children, youth and families. The assignments are open-ended, leaving students freedom to make their learning interesting, engaging and practical to them, and Ellen is a very responsive and engaging instructor who is willing to go above and beyond for her students.

- A. Brown​

The Child and Youth Human Rights Extension Certificate was an amazing professional development experience. As a former educator and youth counsellor I found the certificate highly informative and consistently applicable to real world experience. I feel confident in applying child rights to my future work with youth.

- D. Casey - English Language Instructor

The CYHR Extension Certificate I received was valuable to me both personally and professionally. As a single mother of special needs children I acquired a wealth of knowledge of my children's rights and the role I can take as their natural advocate. This certificate created a foundation to aid in my current pursuit of my Juris Doctor and international human rights. Dr. Murray is a wonderful instructor!

- L.A. Thorhaug