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Developed in association with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL).  Be exposed to both the theory and practical applications of petroleum land management – including managing land assets, economics, negotiation, strategic thinking, drafting contracts and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Building on your business experience in the technical, legal and emerging business aspects of the petroleum industry, this specialized certificate is an ideal gateway for land acquisition and management jobs in the petroleum industry.

  • Prepare for a land business role
  • Expand your existing business skills for the oil and gas industry
  • Earn an in-demand credential from CAPL
  • Complete the 13 required courses (338 hours) in the order listed below
  • Fast Track in 1 year.  Must be completed in a maximum of 5 years
Refer to your Confirmation of Registration for course specific information.
*Required Courses
Recommended Order
The Petroleum Industry: An Integrated Approach
Land Concepts
Legal Concepts
Ethics and Fiduciary Duties  
PLB Workplace and Career Preparation  
Workplace Presentation Skills  
Mineral Rights and Regulations Overview 
Surface Rights and Regulations Overview  
Strategic Thinking for Land Business   
Economics and Petroleum Asset Evaluation  
Land Agreements 
Land Negotiations 
Case Studies in Land Business 
*You may choose to complete courses at your own pace; see the Program Planning Guide for certificate completion options. Please note: Not all courses are offered every semester.
Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March.

Required Courses

Take in the order listed below for maximum benefit

NOTE: These courses are only for returning/continuing students. For more information, please contact us with any questions at

The Petroleum Industry: An Integrated Approach
From exploration to production, this course introduces the petroleum industry, its terminology and applications in land administration.
Note: CAPPA Level 1 may be taken instead. Online course must be completed before end date listed below.

Subject code: XPLA 200013 Hours. Fee: $275 


Land Concepts
Delve into the legal aspects of land ownership in Alberta. Learn the fundamental principles of land titles and property law while gaining a deeper understanding of industry practices.
Note: Online course must be completed before end date listed below

Subject code: XPLA 200063 Hours. Fee: $275 


 Legal Concepts
Explore contract law and common agreements used in the petroleum industry. Follow industry best practices while learning the fundamental principles of land contracts.
Note: Online course must be completed before end date listed below

Subject code: XPLA 200073 Hours. Fee: $275  


Ethics and Fiduciary Duties
Gain an understanding of land-related ethical issues and decision-making. Explore common issues in ethics,  and fiduciary duties using actual business examples and court decisions.
Course materials: Distributed in class throughout this course

Subject code: XPLA 100033 Hours. Fee: $275 


 PLB Workplace and Career Preparation
In order to gain admission to your certificate, you are required to meet an experience requirement that includes an information session on the Land Industry, the importance of networking and how to get hired in the oil and gas industry, as well educational meetings with a number of Landmen. You will also reflect on your previous work experience and potential career in Land Business.
Please note: You are required to attend 1 lecture class, noted below. The rest of this course is self-directed study.
Course materials: available at the Campus Store.

Subject code: XPLA 200233 Hours. Fee: $275 


Workplace Presentation Skills
For most people, delivering a presentation is nerve-racking. Acquire tools and techniques to increase your comfort and effectiveness in giving presentations.
Please note: This course is mandatory for program completion as of Winter 2015. Students who started the PLB program prior to Winter 2015 are not required to complete this course.

Subject code: XMGD 300027 Hours. Fee: $219


Mineral Rights and Regulations Overview
Explore the principle features, standard clauses, formalities of completion and execution, and termination of freehold and crown mineral leases while examining common regulatory and legal issues.
Prerequisites: The Petroleum Industry: An Integrated Approach; Land Concepts; Legal Concepts; PLB Workplace and Career Preparation

Subject code: XPLA 100053 Hours. Fee: $275


Surface Rights and Regulations Overview
Examine how the surface land department works, the ins-and-outs of regulatory bodies, and the land process from exploration to site abandonment.
Prerequisites: The Petroleum Industry: An Integrated Approach; Land Concepts; Legal Concepts

Subject code: XPLA 100043 Hours. Fee: $275 


Strategic Thinking for Land Business    
Examine the importance of strategic thinking in land negotiation. Learn techniques for formulating strategies and applying them to business situations.
Prerequisite: Mineral Rights and Regulations Overview

Subject code: XPLA 100023 Hours. Fee: $275


Economics and Petroleum Asset Evaluation
Apply economic principles and risk analysis to structure and evaluate land deals while exploring alternative value measurement methods.
Prerequisites: Strategic Thinking for Land Business; Mineral Rights and Regulations Overview

Subject code: XPLA 100093 Hours. Fee: $275


Land Agreements
Examine the structures and contractual obligations of common exploration agreements, joint operating agreements and unit agreements.
Prerequisite: Mineral Rights and Regulations Overview

 Subject code: XPLA 202003 Hours. Fee: $275


Land Negotiations
Review explorations, land and joint agreements, identify problems in contracts, justify interests and draft special clauses. Learn about farm-in, farm-out, pooling and disposition negotiations.
Prerequisite: Land Agreements

Subject code: XPLA 203003 Hours. Fee: $275


Case Studies in Land Business     
Practice the skills gained in previous courses as you work through real-life examples of common tasks in land business.
Prerequisite: Previous 12 Petroleum Land Business courses
Course materials: Distributed in class throughout this course

Subject code: XPLA 200213 Hours. Fee: $275 



CE Bio - Petroleum Land Business - CondonJim Condon    Consulting Petroleum Landman
Jim has over 30 years in the Canadian oil and gas upstream industry. A graduate of the University of Calgary, Jim’s career began with Texaco Canada Resources followed by a stint at Petro-Canada. He later joined BP Canada, which became fully public and  renamed Talisman Energy in 1991. 

After 22 years with Talisman, Jim took on the role of Director, Land with Hunt Oil Canada for over five years. With the sale of all of Hunt Oil’s Canadian assets in 2011, Jim began his new career as a Consulting Petroleum Landman and has worked with a number of clients. 

Jim spent five years on the Board of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen where he was President in 2011-2012.  He was a Director for the American Association of Professional Landmen for two years ending in June 2014. 

Jim has a strong knowledge base in Land organization, management and related functions with particular expertise in Subsurface Mineral Land Negotiations.

Jim is a native of Calgary, Canada. Jim’s time away from work involves travel, golf and fitness.  He has a penchant for volunteering and has been involved in several organizations in many capacities including on various boards and as a coach for sports and organizations such as hockey and football, the YMCA and more.  Jim is married to Pat with three maturing young adults as family.

CE Bio - O&G - HamrellCurt Hamrell
Curt has been working in the oil and gas industry since 1981. Curt graduated with a Petroleum Land Management (PLM) degree from the University of Oklahoma after first receiving a Petroleum Land Management diploma from Mount Royal University. Curt is a firm believer in education and enjoys teaching at a place where he formerly was a student.

Curt has 30-plus years of Land experience in various day-to-day and acquisitions and divestitures (A&D) Land Administration roles, including positions in management and negotiations. Curt has worked at 11 oil and gas companies: Petro-Canada, Home Oil, Shell Canada, Pensionfund, Amoco Canada, Talisman Energy, Northstar Energy, Devon Canada, Canadian Natural Resources, Enerplus Corporation, and is currently at Pengrowth Energy Corporation as a consultant in their A&D Department.

Curt has been a teacher in Land courses for the past 12-plus years. He currently instructs three courses in MRU's Petroleum Land Administration: Land Contracts Extension Certificate: Contract Acquisitions & Divestitures, Land Agreements, and Case Studies. Curt also teaches two Land Agreements courses at SAIT. He has also taught at Olds College and taught in-house Land seminars at various oil and gas companies. Curt is heavily involved at CAPLA where he teaches three CAPLA courses: NOA Novice, NOA Advanced and A&D - The Long and Winding Road.

Curt is an active member of CAPLA and CAPL, as an education committee volunteer for both associations.

Curt has been married for 20-plus years with two teenaged daughters. In his spare time he can be seen on the ice playing in a men’s hockey league.

CE Bio - O&G - LepineGary Lepine
Dr. Gary Lepine has been providing ethics seminars and professional development for a variety of associations and companies for the past 12 years.

Gary is also co-founder of Finishing Well, an organization that offers public education on advance care planning and living with a terminal or critical illness. He is currently a Clinical Ethicist with Alberta Health Services and Chairman of the Board at New Heights School & Learning Services, a Calgary school for children on the autistic disorder spectrum.

Gary teaches the ethics portion of the Petroleum Land Business Ethics & Fiduciary Duties course for Mount Royal University and enjoys challenging students to consider what anchors their professional brand.


CE Bio - O&G - SitchNikki Sitch
Ms. Sitch graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce (PLM). She is a Petroleum Landman with over 17 years of experience in all facets of Land management in the Canadian western sedimentary basin. She has gained knowledge and experience in exploration, development, as well as acquisitions and divestitures, in both Surface and Mineral Land, in the producing regions of Western Canada.

Ms. Sitch is an active member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL) and earned both the P.Land and PSL designations through CAPL. Ms. Sitch has served in a leadership role on many CAPL committees and in 2007 she was awarded the CAPL Bright Lights Award. For the past five years Ms. Sitch has continued to serve CAPL as Director and most recently as Vice-President.

Ms. Sitch was a member of the team that created the Petroleum Land Business Extension Certificate at Mount Royal. She developed and teaches the Surface Rights & Regulations Overview course. Ms. Sitch has a passion for learning and education. She enjoys giving back to the Land community through teaching and mentoring.

CE Bio - Petroleum Land - Werner-SchmidtLenni Werner-Schmidt
Lenni Werner-Schmidt has over 35 years of experience as a petroleum landman. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix (BSc-BM), having begun her petroleum land education as a student in the Petroleum Land Certificate course at Mount Royal College.

Lenni is an Active Member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen and a past Director on the Board of the CAPL. Her career has spanned across all facets of land management, deal negotiation, contract drafting, mineral and surface analysis, administration, and acquisitions and divestitures. Her geographic experience in agreement writing and negotiation ranges from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin to the offshore and frontier regions of Canada, the United States and internationally.

Lenni currently holds the position of Land Manager at a junior oil and gas company. She has held key positions with major, intermediate and junior energy companies.

Lenni has developed and presented in-house Land Contracts seminars for her oil and gas clients and employers. She has enjoyed roles in teaching, mentoring and curriculum advisory at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Mount Royal University. Lenni is passionate about facilitating quality adult education at Mount Royal University.


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