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Introduction to the Petroleum Industry Extension Certificate

Important Notice

Intro to Petroleum Industry Extension Certificate courses will not be offered in the traditional lecture and online formats beginning in Fall 2018. For Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and Spring 2019 semesters all courses will be offered in a Challenge Exam format. For more information on this process, please contact us at


The processes of land administration includes the transfer of rights in land from one party to another through sale, lease, loan, gift and inheritance; the regulating of land and property development; the use and conservation of the land; the gathering of revenues from the land through sales, leasing, and taxation; and the resolving of conflicts concerning the ownership and the use of land.

Modern land professionals may specialize as technical experts or team leaders in acquiring mineral or surface rights, contract drafting and implementation, road use and third party agreements, acquisitions and divestitures, joint ventures, enterprise information systems and reporting, or abandonment and reclamation.

Completing this industry introductory certificate will give a broad understanding of the petroleum industry as a whole, as well as the legal, environmental and regulatory aspects involved.

  • Prepare to take MRU’s Land Administration Extension Certificates in Mineral Rights, and/or Surface Rights
  • Acquire a general overview of the oil and gas industry to complement your professional role
  • Complete the 4 required courses (126 hours)
  • Can be completed within 1 semester up to a maximum of 5 years
Refer to your Confirmation of Registration for course specific information.


Required Courses
Fall (Sept.-Dec.)
The Petroleum Industry: An Integrated ApproachOLOLOL
Legal ConceptsOLOLOL
Land ConceptsOLOLOL
Environmental RegulationsOLOLOL
CL=Classroom OL=Online (Choose one or the other for each course.)
The above schedule is subject to change.
Courses start on various dates within each semester.Fall schedule and registration available in June. Winter schedule and registration available in November. Spring/Summer schedule and registration available in March.

Required Courses

NOTE: Courses are only available to returning/continuing students. For more information, please contact us with any questions at

These courses are the prerequisites to all other certificate courses.

The Petroleum Industry: An Integrated Approach
This course provides you with an overview of the upstream end of the petroleum industry. Topics covered include history, geology, geophysics, hydrocarbon and exploration methods, surface land, petroleum & natural gas rights, joint venture agreements, drilling, completion, production, pipelines, reservoir/economics, and environment.
Note: CAPPA Level 1 may be taken instead. Online course must be completed within dates below.

Subject code: XPLA 20001 3 Hours. Fee: $275  
CRN 50314
ExamMay 1 - June 28


Environmental Regulations
Examine how federal and provincial compliance issues are dealt with in day-to-day land administration activities. All topics are covered with special consideration for the needs to those expected to be employed in the petroleum industry

Subject code: XPLA 20101  3 Hours. Fee: $275  
CRN 50218
ExamMay 1 - June 28


Legal Concepts
Legal Concepts will introduce students to the Canadian legal system and will provide them with a detailed explanation and analysis, including practical applications, of the fundamental concepts and basic principles of Contract Law.

To ensure comprehension, the course explains not only the “what” of industry practices and procedures, but, more importantly, the “why” behind the same, i.e., to instill knowledge and understanding, instead of simply communication information.

Subject code: XPLA 20007 3 Hours. Fee: $275  
CRN 50219
ExamMay 1 - June 28


Land Concepts
Land Concepts will introduce students and will provide them with a detailed explanation and analysis, including practical applications, of the fundamental concepts and basic principles of real property and land titles law as it applies to the energy industry.

To ensure comprehension, the course explains not only the “what” of industry practices and procedures, but, more importantly, the “why” behind the same, i.e., to instill knowledge and understanding, instead of simply communication information.

Subject code: XPLA 20006 3 Hours. Fee: $275  
CRN 50286
ExamMay 1 - June 28


Enhance your skills with these courses (not part of the certificate): 

Navigating Corporate Culture
This course provides learners with a critical skillset and knowledge  of corporate culture and how to succeed in it.  By understanding how an organization and people that work in it operate you will gain key insights to becoming a high impact team member.

Subject Code: XPLA 1000715 Hours. Fee: $359 Not Offered This Semester


Making Meetings Move
In this course learn how to prepare in advance for a successful meeting. You will examine how different roles contribute before, during, and after a meeting and lead to success.

Subject Code: XPLA 1000815 Hours. Fee: $359 Not Offered This Semester


 Indigenous Canadians and Business

Indigenous Canadians and Business equips students with insights about Canadian Indigenous people focused on three interconnected pillars; context, culture, and rights, and how these inform Canadian politics, economics, environmental sustainability, land use management, surveying, law, and business.Beginning with rich historical and legal context, the course examines how views and approaches have progressed, what tensions persist, ongoing dispute resolution efforts, and anticipates the future landscape for Indigenous people working with Canadian business.

Subject Code: XPLA 1001015 Hours. Fee:$359 Not offered this semester

CE Bio - Petroleum Land Admin - EdwardsJustin Edwards
Justin Edwards, President of Edwards Land, has nearly 20 years’ experience in land acquisition and management. Justin has been licensed as an Alberta Land Agent since 1996 and has worked for Edwards Land in numerous capacities in the land management and related business operations.

Justin is a second generation land agent. His family has conducted business in Land Acquisition for over 40 years. Justin has an in-depth knowledge of surface land administration, land systems and land acquisition both freehold and crown.

Justin has been an instructor at Mount Royal University for several years. He is also on the Advisory Committee for the Land Administration program. Justin has been involved with the IRWA Chapter 48 as a committee chair and worked with CAPL and CAPLA throughout the years.

Justin joined the MRU team to assist in curriculum development and further his passion for mentorship and teaching. He attributes his success to the great start he got with the care and guidance of great mentors in the agriculture industry as well as the land industry and wants to give back.

Justin is active in the community, volunteering for such groups as Aspen Family Services and rebuilding homes for orphaned and underprivileged children. He plays hockey, football and golf.

CE Bio - Deborah Godfrey - Petroleum Land Admin: Mineral RightsDeborah Godfrey
Deborah Godfrey has worked in the oil and gas Industry since 1997. She started as a student in the Land Administration program. After earning her certificate Deborah progressed through the industry and gained experience as supervisor of a Mineral Land department.

Deborah has taught in Mount Royal's Petroleum Land Administration: Mineral Rights Extension Certificate since 2003. She is enthusiastic about sharing industry insights with her students. She is also a member of the program's Advisory Committee.

Deborah is a life-long learner, continuing to take courses at MRU to expand her knowledge and skills in the petroleum industry.


 Several Petroleum Land Administration scholarships and bursaries are available.

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