Dean's Message

Dean's Message

Employment for Arts Graduates

In the Faculty of Arts, our students acquire skills fundamental to success in an incredible array of areas. You will become innovative and critical thinkers, skilled researchers, effective communicators and accomplished writers. Studies show that your employment prospects match those from most other areas, and Arts graduates have found leadership positions in areas that include government, law, business, media and the not-for-profit sector. Employers seek Arts graduates because of their broad knowledge and extraordinary ability to synthesize and clearly explain patterns drawn from vast amounts of information.

You will encounter exceptional professors who are active researchers and passionate about teaching. We offer programs that instil knowledge not only in the classroom but also through collaborative research with professors and community-based projects which deepen learning by linking theory with lived experience.

Arts leads everywhere! Anthropology and Sociology students become experts at understanding social interactions, social change and human behaviour. Graduates in Policy Studies become leaders in politics, corporations, non-government organizations, public relations firms and think-tanks. Those majoring in History work as librarians, archivists, museum curators and researchers. Many famous politicians majored in History, including former American president John Kennedy and Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson. Nuanced understanding of the human condition combined with dexterity in the use of language no doubt played large parts in the successful careers of English graduates like songwriter Paul Simon and innovative corporate CEOs like Disney’s Michael Eisner. Modern Language graduates work for global industries as interpreters, diplomats and foreign correspondents. With their expertise in human motivation and program analysis, Psychology graduates are recruited into areas like career counselling, rehabilitation, labour relations and various social services. Interior Design graduates bring a multifaceted understanding of space, light, materials, colours and sustainability to create the places in which we live, work, and enjoy ourselves.

At Mount Royal University, providing an exceptional undergraduate education is our first priority. In the Faculty of Arts, you will find a dynamic, growing, but also welcoming and collegial community of superb professors and engaged learners. My door is always open should you want to know more about this wonderful Faculty.

Jeff Keshen
Faculty of Arts

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