Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Laptop Requirements

Students in the Bachelor of Interior Design program are required to purchase a laptop for use in studio. Please ensure your computer meets the BID laptop requirements.

Students will be notified of specific software programs required prior to the start of courses that use the software. Typical student version software used: Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, SketchUp.

Directed Portfolio Requirements In addition to meeting all of the academic requirements required for admission to Mount Royal University, applicants to the Bachelor of Interior Design program are evaluated on a Directed Portfolio. The Directed Portfolio consists of a series of five components:

  • Abstract Compositions
  • Drawing Exercise
  • Spatial Exercise (on-site)
  • In-person Discussion that form the on-site components of the portfolio, and are held at Mount Royal University

Specific requirements for the Directed Portfolio are sent to each applicant who satisfies the general Mount Royal University and the Department of Interior Design's academic entrance requirements.

The purpose of the Directed Portfolio is not necessarily to determine the level of previously learned skills but rather to help determine a candidate's potential for success in the program.

Learn more about the requirements and submission process for the BID Directed Portfolio.