Student Achievement

Interior Design Program Student Achievement

Mount Royal University, Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)

The following data was collected using institutional records and an alumni feedback - May 2019.

It typically takes a full-time student enrolled in the Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) degree, taking
approximately 15 credit per semester, four years to complete the BID program.

Student Retention and Attrition92.5% of students admitted in the fall of 2018 returned in the fall of 2019, putting attrition at 7.5%.

Graduation Rates

Of the students graduating in 2019, 87% graduated in 4 years.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs

Nine of 25 students who graduated in 2019 applied for graduate school, seven were accepted into Master of
Architecture programs.

Job Placement Rates

76% of students who graduated in 2019 are employed in interior design or a related profession.