Janne Holmgren

Dr. Janne Holmgren

Role: Full Professor
Degrees: BA, MA, PhD

Office: EA3056B
Phone: 403.440.6379
Email: jholmgren@mtroyal.ca

Dr. Janne Holmgren began her undergraduate studies in the area of general sciences moving into molecular biology. In 1992, she graduated from Mount Royal College’s Criminology Diploma Program. As an undergraduate student at the University College of the Fraser Valley, Dr. Holmgren began to focus her studies on DNA evidence and scientific issues related to law and the criminal justice system. In 1997, she studied DNA probability statistics under the supervision of Dr. B.S. Weir (North Carolina State University).The subject matter of DNA evidence became her passion and main focus of both her Master’s degree (Simon Fraser University, 1997) and Doctoral work (University of Calgary, 2003). She received a nomination for works of excellence for both graduate degrees. She also was a DNA statistics student of Dr. B. Weir, who was the DNA expert in the infamous O.J. Simpson trial.

Dr. Holmgren has continued to research and publish the subject of DNA evidence – in particular, jury and judge comprehension of DNA type of evidence in the courtroom.

Currently, Dr. Holmgren is a consultant to lawyers requiring assistance in understanding DNA technologies. In addition, she continues to push for changes to the structure and processes of the Canadian jury system and in methods of delivering scientific evidence in the courtroom. Dr. Holmgren’s current research agenda concentrates on communication; the CSI effect; forensic evidence; aberrant behavior; and, most recently, issues related to MAOA genotyping and the warrior gene, epi-genetics and other biological explanations to crime.

Dr. Holmgren has been with the Justice Studies department since 1998 and became a full professor in 2016.