English Honours

Honours in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English is designed to enable students to explore many aspects of English studies. The English program offers courses in composition, creative writing, film, literature, and literary theory. Mount Royal University offers students the option of pursuing either a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and a Bachelor of Arts with honours in English. This page provides information specific to the honours in English stream. For information about the major in English, please see here.

The Bachelor of Arts honours in English is intended for students who have a strong interest in literature and who wish to pursue more specialized degree than the English major. In particular, students whose aspirations involve graduate study are encouraged to consider the Honours Program.

Acceptance Requirements - Honours Stream

Students may complete a department application for acceptance into the Honours stream upon successful completion of 20 courses in the Bachelor of Arts program.

Note: Applications are accepted between March 15 and May 15. Acceptance is competitive, and therefore not guaranteed. English honours students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 ("B" average) to be eligible for graduation.

English Honours Seminar

The English Honours Seminar offers students an opportunity to create a research project focused on a topic of personal interest and to gain practical research experience. Each student will work on an honours project under the supervision of a faculty member into whose area the project topic falls.

Graduation Requirements - BA with Honours in English

For information on courses you will need to take to meet graduation requirements, please follow this link: Program Requirements

Honours Student Resources and Support

Students enrolled in the Honours Program in English are provided with extra resources and support, including:

  • The English Students Resource Room: Located in EA 3115, this space is for students to work on projects and offers computer access.
  • Personal mailbox: honours students will have their own mailbox for two years in the English Student Resource Room.
  • The Department this Month: a monthly newsletter designed to keep students up-to-date about happenings and events in English.