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English Major

Bachelor of Arts - English Major

The Bachelor of Arts program in English is designed to enable you to explore many aspects of English studies. The English program offers courses in composition, creative writing, film, literature, and literary theory. A distinctive feature of this English program is the commitment to improving your writing skills. Given this focus on writing and on reading different types of texts, you will find these programs useful for a variety of occupations and/or further study.

You will be aware, not only of the historical and generic categories of English literature, but also of the role language plays in shaping our perceptions of everyday life. As a Mount Royal English graduate, you will be broadly literate for having engaged with written, visual and other types of social text. You will be able to articulate the cultural processes that produce literatures in a variety of different geographic settings including Canada. In order to achieve this level of understanding, graduates will have taken a variety of courses stressing different literatures, genres, media and approaches to forms of cultural production.

As a graduate, you will:

  • demonstrate a writing style that exhibits clarity, eloquence, and precision.
  • consider the audience when selecting rhetorical strategies.
  • articulate positions clearly and persuasively.
  • support arguments with appropriate sources of information.
  • analyze, evaluate and synthesize information from different sources.
  • construct reasonable and informed readings of texts.
  • be aware of genre conventions and literary traditions.
  • recognize various theoretical and critical approaches to texts.
  • address different positions in the course of developing an argument.
  • interrogate the ways in which ethical assumptions are shaped and analyze how one's own ethical framework affects one's readings of texts.
  • document sources in an ethically responsible way.
  • use information technologies effectively.
  • apply group process skills in diverse settings.
  • assess personal effectiveness in learning.

Mount Royal University offers students the option of pursuing either a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and a Bachelor of Arts with honours in English.

Careers in Creativity

You will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts. You will be in firm possession of other core, transferable skills, such as thinking strategies, ethical reasoning, information retrieval and evaluation capabilities, computer literacy and group effectiveness, thus enabling them to succeed in further studies and career opportunities. Qualified graduates may go on to professional programs like law or develop careers in business, writing, or teaching. You will have experienced different learning environments and developed metacognition (that is, a high level of selfawareness regarding learning and professionalization) around learning styles and preferences, an important outcome for the life-long learner in the education system or the workplace.

With an English degree, you can find work in virtually any field: teaching, public relations, publishing, fundraising, freelance writing, library work, web development, marketing, business, administration, law, the performing arts, journalism, and the movie and TV industries.

Career Possibilities

  • Writer
  • Researcher
  • Editor