Renae Watchman, PhD


Academic title: Associate Professor, English and Indigenous Studies

Administrative title: Co-Director, Office of Academic Indigenization

PhD (Stanford University)
MA (Arizona State University)
BA (Arizona State University)

Office of Academic Indigenization: T123
Faculty office: EA3112
Phone: 403.440.5637

Renae Watchman completed her PhD in the Dept. of German Studies, jointly with the Graduate Program in Humanities from Stanford University in 2007. She currently teaches literature and film courses, specializing in North American Indigenous Literatures. Her dissertation was titled "Fictionalizing the Indigenous in German Travel Literature," which examined late 18th and early 19th century scientific texts that muted, ignored, and silenced the Indigenous voice found in the form of guides, elders, teachers, servants, slaves, and the like. As such, her work and research interests remain transdisciplinary and include: North American Indigenous Literatures, History and Culture (all eras), Indigenous Feminisms, Comparative Literature, Orality, (Post-/neo-) colonialism & decolonizing literature, Globalization of Native American Powwows and Powwow Phenomena and Film Studies (Contemporary, Global, and Indigenous).

When she is not busy working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Dr. Watchman's favorite pastimes are hiking, hanging out in coffee shops, watching movies, and traveling.