Diana Patterson

B.A. (Carnegie-Mellon)
M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto)
M.A. History of the Book (London)

Office: EA3126
Phone: 403.440.6797
E-mail: dpatterson@mtroyal.ca

Diana Patterson has been at Mount Royal since 1991. Her special interests are publishing, literature, and language. Her historical period is the eighteenth century, including not only literature and the history of the book, but also gardening, music, and painting. In the history of the book, she works on paper, parchment, waste-paper bindings, and the history of the technical book in the long eighteenth century. Other interests include the renaissance and medieval periods, particularly history and language. She has published several papers on Harry Potter. She has also taught in the Centre for Communications Studies (technical communications and electronic publishing) and in Engineering. She currently teaches composition, the survey courses, and research methods.