Film Studies

Minor in Film Studies

The Minor in Film Studies is administered through the Department of
English. The Minor encourages students to select a combination of courses dedicated
to film as well as to related disciplines that inform the making and
appreciation of cinema. The history, art, and politics of film--as well as
the dynamics of critical reception, from fans to philosophers--are all part
of the experience.

You should consider a minor in film studies if you:

  • are intrigued by the audiovisual dimensions of film and are impressed by film's storytelling abilities
  • are curious how film evolved as an art form over time
  • are interested in how films relate to social reality
  • are excited to explore the cinema of countries outside North America


Film Studies Courses

FILM 1143Introduction to the Study of Film
FILM 2214Contemporary Film and Theory
FILM 2246Film Genres
FILM 3345Film Theory
FILM 3349Canadian Film
ENGL 3305Script Writing
ARTH 1101The History of Art: Prehistory to Renaissance
ARTH 1103The History of Art: Renaissance to the Present
ARTH 2207Curious Narratives: Provocative Themes in Art Explored
ARTH 2209History of Modern Art from 1850 to 1920
ANTH 2243Anthropology Through Film
COMM 3521The Documentary
HIST 2291Film and History
FREN 3343Francophone Cinema for Oral and Written Communication
SPAN 3312Hispanic Cinema

Film Studies Requirements

1.  FILM 1143
2.  ARTH 1101 or ARTH 1103
3.  HIST 2291 or ARTH 2207 or ARTH 2209
4.  2000-level or higher course in Film Studies
5.  2000-level or higher course in Film Studies
6.  ENGL 3305
7.  3000-level FILM
8.  3000-level FILM

Please note: For item #4 above, students are strongly advised to take at least one of FILM 2214 or FILM 2246 as they are the cited recommended preparation/prerequisite courses for ENGL 3305, FILM 3345, and FILM 3349


 Updated February 15, 2011