Janet D. Sisson

Janet D. Sisson

BA (Hons) University of Oxford
BPhil University of Oxford
MA (by convocation) University of Oxford
PhD University of Calgary

Office: EA 3129
Phone: 403.440.8908
E-mail: jdsisson@mtroyal.ca

Main areas of scholarly interest and/or expertise:
The thought of Greece and Rome, and the relation of philosophy to wider cultural contexts, including science, mathematics, rhetoric, dialogue and personal reflection.

In my view, philosophy is not well served by specialization, and it requires a widely informed approach to issues. My approach is broadly analytic, but is more responsive to historical input than is normal for that orientation.

Main areas of instruction at MRU (including courses you teach regularly):
PHIL 1101 - Problems of Philosophy
PHIL 2211 - The Classical Period

Current research interests:
I am in general interested in the relation between formal structures of thought and practical applications of those structures in abstract conceptions of the world outside mathematics, especially in the treatment of social and political ideas.  A particular interest is the influence of ancient mathematical research on Greek philosopher Plato's moral thinking.

Other relevant interests, activities, associations, qualifications, experiences, etc.:
President, Apeiron Society for the Practice of Philosophy, Calgary.  Board member for Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science.  Director of Broadview Press since 1996, and a member of Broadview's Humanities Editorial Board from 1992 to 2000.  Facilitator of popular discussions in Philosophy Cafes in Calgary.