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Humanities Student in MuseumBachelor of Arts — History MajorThe study of history at Mount Royal University provides you with a broad base of knowledge in Canadian, European and American history. It also develops an understanding of the methods of historical research and analysis and historical reasoning that distinguish history as a branch of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences.

Mount Royal history students have exciting opportunities for hands-on experience, including:

  • innovative assignments that take you out of the classroom
  • field courses that incorporate travel
  • involvement with faculty research
  • volunteer work with organizations such as Heritage Park

In addition to the intrinsic value of historical study, it is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in history, as well as careers in areas such as teaching, law, archival studies, international affairs, journalism and public administration.

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Honours ProgramIf you’re interested in a serious intellectual exercise, our History Honours Program allows you to select a topic, engage in systematic study under the supervision of a faculty supervisor, and produce a scholarly finished project.

History MinorOur History minor allows you to explore a wide array of topics that range from the ancient past to the present, and spans a number of countries and themes. Choose from a variety of courses in which you take part in activities such as performing archival research, volunteering, travelling and participating in hands-on field work. Our minor exposes you to a broad range of historical knowledge and understanding, teaches you to think critically, and how to collect, interpret and present evidence. These skills and knowledge are useful to a wide-variety of professions such as law, education, politics, business and economics.

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Travel StudyInnovative and engaging, our courses incorporate approaches that include historical detective work and role-playing. You’ll engage in public history and heritage projects and have opportunities to participate in course-based field schools, which includes visits to: